Mandibular Sagittal Split Osteotomy


The mandibular sagittal split osteotomy surgery is done on the lower jaw (mandible) in order to move it forward (in the case of a deficient lower jaw), or backward (in the case of a large lower jaw). It is performed behind the back teeth (not in the joint) and the jaw is sectioned in such a way that bony contact is always maintained. The bone is fixed in its new position by screws which are inserted through tiny external skin incisions which are located at the angle of the jaw. These heal with minimal external scarring. There are no gaps in the bone that have to be filled in, and it is not necessary to wire your teeth together during the postoperative healing period. Rigid fixation is now commonly used for the postoperative healing period, and this surgical technique eliminates the need to wire teeth together.


Meet Healthbase customer who had his bilateral sagittal split osteotomy in Mexico.

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