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Dr. Vivek Jawali Bangalore India
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Dr. Vivek Jawali

M.S., MNAMS,M. Ch. (C.T Surg.), FIACS
Chief CardioThoracic & Vascular Surgeon,

Dr. Jawali brings to Wockhardt Heart Hospital a vast experience of performing more than 18000 Cardiac surgeries and has presented more than 100 scientific papers in national and international forums. He has also performed Indias first minimally invasive bypass surgery (MIDCAB), and also a minimally invasive valve replacement.

He pioneered the movement of minimally invasive heart surgery in India. In 2004, he performed Worlds first awake major OPEN HEART surgery (Aortic valve replacement with triple bypass), with patient fully awake, without ventilator even when the heart is stopped. He has eight international scientific publications to his credit on this issue.
  • Spearheaded the growth of off pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) in India since 1992.
  • Performed Indias first off pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) (MIDCAB), and also indicates first minimally invasive valve replacement in September 1995.
  • Performed more than 18,000 cardiovascular and thoracic operations and has read more than 100 papers.
  • Responsible for establishing the Wockhardt Heart Institute Bangalore India (A Private Hospital performing 1500 operations annually)
  • Performed Indias first awake bypass surgery in May 2002
  • In Feb 2004, he performed Worlds first awake major OPEN HEART surgery (Aortic valve replacement with triple bypass) with patient fully awake, without ventilator even when the heart is stopped.

Dr. Jawali has demonstrated newer techniques of bypass surgery at live surgical workshops in India and abroad. Many cardiac surgeons and cardiac anaesthetists from all over the world visit to observe and learn the new techniques from him. He is actively involved in training the senior cadre of cardiac surgeons from china in the art of Off pump bypass surgery.

Surgical Expertise

  • Off pump Coronary Artery Bypass surgery (OPCAB)
  • Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (MIDCAB)
  • CABG with Total Arterial Revascularisation
  • Off pump Total Arterial Revascularisation
  • Redo CABGs
  • Triple Valve Replacement
  • Mitral Valve Repair
  • Repair of LV Aneurysm + CABG
  • Grafting of Aortic Arch Aneurysm under profound Hypothermia and Total Circulatory Arrest
  • Aortic Root Replacement
  • Intracardiac repair of tricuspid atresia with TCPC

Fellowships and Surgical Observations Abroad

  • With Dudley Johnson MD, St.Marys Hopital MILWAUKEE, USA (Redo CABG and Endarterectomy)
  • Mr. John Wright London Chest Hospital & The Princess Grace Hospital, London
  • Mr. Steven J.Westbay John Radcliff Hospital Oxford UK (Fast tracking)
  • Mr. Steven J.Philips, MD Mercy Hospital, Des Monies, USA (Primary CABG for Acute M.I)
  • Prof. Calafiore, University Hospital Chieti, Italy, (Total Arterial Revascularization, Warm Heart Surgery, MIDCAB, Skeletanisation of IMAS.)
  • Dr. Erick Jansen University Hospital Utrecht, Netherland, (CABG on Beating Heart with Octopus Tissue stabilisation & skeletonisation of IAMS)
  • Dr. Urbon Lonn, University Hospital Linchoping, Sweden.
Activities in Professional Societies

1. President , Indian Association of Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons (IACTS)
2. Founder member of the International Society of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeons
3. Member Executive Council of Indian Association of C.T Surgeons (IACTS) 1995.
4. Vice president of Indian college of Cardiology (I.C.C) 1999 - 2002
5. Hon. Secretary, Cardiology Society of India, Bangalore Chapter 1987
6. Hon Secretary , Bangalore Surgical Society 1992
7. Sub Editor Journal of Indian Association of C.T Surgery 2001
8. Member of the executive committee Indian Medical Association, Bangalore chapter 1988
9. Vice president of Indian Medical Association, Karnataka chapter 2001
10. (1) Chairman, Scientific Committee of the Annual Conference of Indian Association of
Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons 1995
11. (2) Vice Chairman - organizing Committee of the annual conference of Indian association
of Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons 2005
12. Fellow of the IACTS(Indian Association of cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons)
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