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Dr Amey A Velingker, Goa, India

Dr Amey A Velingker

 Consultant Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon

 Summary of Qualification:

 Examinations School/CollegeBoard/University
 Fellowship in                                          Computer Navigation
in Joint replacement
 Knee & Sports centre Brisbane, Australia 2006
 Fellowship in Joint replacement
 Johnson & Johnson (DePuy) Mumbai
 M.S (ortho) Goa medical college
 Goa university 2003


 Goa medical college
 Goa university


Professional Experiences:
1. Clinical fellow in computer navigation in Joint Replacement and Birmingham Hip Replacement,
Knee and sports centre, Brisbane Australia.
2. Clinical fellow in Joint Replacement at Laud Clinic, Shushrusha Citizens co- operative Hospital,
Breech Candy Hospital, Mumbai under Dr. N.S Laud for a period of six months.
3. Clinical assistant to Dr. Sudhir Warrior (Hand surgeon) for a period of six months.
4. Clinical assistant to Dr. Samir Dalvi (spine surgeon) for a period of six months.
5. Clinical assistant to Dr. Abhay Narvekar (Arthroscopic surgeon) for a period of six months.
6. Clinical assistant to Dr. Mangal Parihar ( Illizaro surgeon) for a period of six months.
7. Senior residence in dept of neurosurgery, Goa Medical College, for a period of six months under Dr.
Jindal (Dean ; GMC)
8. Senior residence in Department of Orthopedics for a period of 1 yr in Goa Medical College, Goa
9. Junior Residence in Department of Orthopedics for a period of 3 yrs in Goa Medical College, Goa

Conferences attended:
AMS conference on osteoporosis – March 2009, Hong Kong.
DELTA Conference – 2008, Delhi; 2009, Hyderabad.
APAS (Asia pacific arthroplasty society) - 2007 Mumbai.
ISHKS (Inaugural session of Indian society of hip and knee surgeon, Mumbai 2007)
ROC (Ranawat Orthopedic Center, New York) -2007, Mumbai; 2009, Chennai.
JRSOA (Joint Replacement State of Art)- 2006, Bangalore; 2010, Delhi
APAS (Asia pacific arthroplasty society) - 2005 Goa.
IOCON (Indian Orthopedic Conference) – 2005, Mumbai.
WIROC ( Western India Regional Orthopedic Conference ) – 2004

CME Attended:
CME Paediatric Orhtopaedics by Ashok Johari – 2003
CME & workshop on Reconstructive Surgery & Rehabilitation on Leprosy 1995
CME by Mangalore Orthopaedic society 2002
Life Saving Hospital Training by the University hospital Birmingham.
Hands-on workshop on Joint replacement – ETHICON Institute of surgical education Johnson
& Johnson – 2004

CME Conducted:

 CME Topic Venue
 IMA (Indian Medical Association Recent additions in Orthopedics
 Margao 2007
 IMA (Indian Medical Association Why Joint Replacement
 Margao 2006
 IMA (Indian Medical Association Recent advancement in joint Replacement Vasco
 IMA (Indian Medical Association Basics of Joint Replacements Karwar 2006
 IMA (Indian Medical Association Right Indications for Joint Replacement Ponda 2006
 IMA (Indian Medical Association Healing Artharities 
 Malwan (Sindhudurg) 2006
 IMA (Indian Medical Association Sports Injuries
 Margao 2006


 CME Topic Venue
 IMA (Indian Medical Association) Minimal Invasive Techniques  in Orthopedics,
 IMA (Indian Medical Association) Long term results of Joint Replacement  2006
 CME for ONGC Executives Patient education on Joint Care  2006

 CME for Chinmaya Ananda Mission (Senior Citizens)

 Scientific basis of Yogasana - positive effects on the joints
 CME for Rotary Club
  The Need for Joint Replacement  2006

Press Conference:

Long term results of Joint Replacements         Goa     2008
First Bilateral Knee Replacement                     Goa     2007
First LDH                                                          Goa     2006
First Full Flexion Knee                                      Goa     2005

CAMPS Conducted: Organized with

 Senior citizen forum Hall Panaji  
  For senior citizens
 Senior citizen forum Hall Margao  For senior citizens
 Village Panchayat and JCE Merses 
   For localities
 Village Panchayat
 Divar island   For localities
 Village Panchayat Merses 
   For localities
 Our Lady of Perpetual High School Cortalim  For senior citizens
 Apollo Hospital Panaji  
  For senior citizens
 Aparant Navelim  For senior citizens
 Aparant Navelim  For senior citizens

Full registration with Goa Medical council [Reg no 1690]
Life time member of Indian medical Association. [Membership no. GOA/649/3/52/115645/2006-07/L]
Life time member of Bombay Orthopaedic Society (BOS)
Life time member of Indian Society of hip and knee Surgeons (ISHKS)
Life time member of Indian Arthroplasty Association (IAA) [Reg no- 119]

Other achievements:
Best Orator award by JCE 1990.
Table tennis player for Dempo Club.
Vice - president of Goa Bodybuilding association.
Computer education with L.C.C.

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