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Dr Ashok Goel, Delhi, India

Dr Ashok Goel

 MS (Orth) FRCS (Ed) FRCS (Glasg), MCh (Orth), FRCS(Orth)

Dr. Ashok Goel has spent 11 years in England gaining valuable experience in the field of Orthopedics. He trained in the prestigious universities of UK to learn the skills of Joint Replacement , Revision surgeries and Sports Injuries. He has done a total in excess of 1000 joint replacements & revision arthroplasty and over 2000 arthroscopies till now. He also has an experience of over 2500  surgeries in the logbook of Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, UK.

Previous Appointment
January 07-May 08
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Whiston Hospital Liverpool, UK.

August 01-December 06
I have been in the 6 year Specialist Registrar training programme in Liverpool. This has given me a structured modular training with increasing responsibilities. I have developed a special interest in Arthroplasty and Sports Injuries.

August 99-July 01
Clinical Research Fellow (Orth)   Manchester Royal Infirmary.

August 97-February 00
SHO Orthopaedics, UK

FRCS (Tr & Orth) - June 2006
M Ch (Orth) Liverpool - December 2004             
ATLS - November 2008, 2003, 1998
FRCS Edinburgh - June 1999
FRCS Glasgow - May 1999
PLAB Examination (London) - April 1997
MS Orthopaedics (Rohtak, India) - October 1995
MBBS (Rohtak, India) - December 1988

1 Goel A, Sangwan SS , Siwach RC, Ali M A. Percutaneous bone marrow grafting for the treatment of tibial non-union. . Injury; 2005 Jan 36  203-206. .  Full paper.

2.Goel A, Hockings M, Whitehouse RW, Hirst P. A painful tibial  union. - partial interposition of tibialis posterior tendon. Injury; 2003 Feb 34(2) 163-5. Case report.

3.Charalambous C, Cleanthous S, Tryfonidis M, Goel A, Swindell R, Ellis D. Foot pump prophylaxis for deep venous thrombosis rate of effective usage following knee and hip arthoplasty. Int Orthop; 2003 Apr 25.  Full paper.

4.  Raja S, Goel A, A. S. Paul. Sternoclavicular hyperostosis with pathological fracture of clavicle. A case report. Injury; 2003 June; 34(6) 464-6. Case report.

5. Clough TM, Goel A, Hirst P. Patellar instability following Total Knee Replacement- The dangers of constant design evolution. Knee; 2002 May, 9(2) 151-3. Case report.
6. Goel A, Freemont AJ, Paul AS. Multiple giant synovial chondromatosis -A case report. Knee; 2001 October, 243-5. Case report.

7. Goel A, Freemont AJ, Sabil MO, Paul AS. Calcific tendonitis of the long head of biceps presenting as a tumour. Orthopaedic Update (India) - 2000 August 45-7. Case report.

1 A. Goel, KN Subramanian, M.S. Hennessy. AO cannulated blade for tibiotalocalcaneal arthodesis.JBJS (Br) 2003; 85B; 249
2 A. Goel, A. Ali,  S.S. Sangwan Treatment of Tibial non-union with percutaneous    bone-marrow grafting- A     prospective study in 20 cases. JBJS(Br)2003;85B;98

1. Acute v/s Gradual correction of angular deformity of lower limb.
 The aim of this study is to evaluate the difference in analgesic requirement, hospital stay, post operative rehabilitation in acute and gradual correction of angular deformity of the lower limbs.
Institution:  Royal Liverpool Children`s Hospital.
Co workers: A. Goel, KN Subramanian, R Davies, S Atherton, S Nayagam
It was observed that patients tolerate acute correction better and are full weight bearing earlier which is statistically significant.

2. A prospective study -"To evaluate the efficacy of polylactic acid rigid pins in proximal fixation of hamstring graft in ACL reconstruction.` The Tegner activity score and the Lysholm knee score were used for out come measures, and patient evaluated preoperatively, at 3, 6 12 and 24   months post operatively.
 Institution: Manchester Royal Infirmary.
 Authors: A Goel,   P. Hirst
This project has been accepted for the MCh  Orth dissertation, University of Liverpool.

Teaching Experience

    Faculty MRCS Clinical Course, University of Liverpool, June 2006, March 07.
    Faculty AO Advanced Trauma , Delhi , June 2009.
    Formal and Informal teaching of Specialist Registrars, Mersey Deanery.
    Faculty Basic Surgical Skills Course, Countess of Chester, March 2005.
    I was actively involved in the teaching of Medical Students and examiner for 4th year OSCE examination - March 2001, Manchester Royal Infirmary.
    I have delivered talks as part of the `Back School Awareness Programmes`at Ormskirk Hospital. November 1999.
    During my tenure as a postgraduate in Orthopaedics in India, I was actively involved in the teaching of my junior colleagues. I was also involved in the teaching of Medical and Nursing students, both formally and informally.

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