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DR. CHAIYAPRUK PUNDEE, M.D. Bangkok Thailand




King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, Advances spinal technique,
Nucleoplasty and Vertebroplasty, March 2008.
Euro-spine 2007, Brussels, Belgium, September 2007.
Royal North Shore Hospital , Sydney, Australia, fellowship in Pacific Forum, October 2003
Bhumiphol Adulyadej General Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, Residency in Orthopedics, 1999-2002.
Bhumiphol Adulyadej General Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, Residency in General surgery, 1998-1999.
Mahidol University,Air-Force Hospital, Nakorn pathom, Thailand, Internship, 1995-1996.
Mahidol University, Faculty of Medicine, Phramongutklao Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand,                  Degree: M.D. 1995.
Mahidol University, Faculty of Science, Phramongutklao Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand,
Degree: B.S. 1993.


4/2003-8/2007                  Bhumiphol Adulyadej hospital              Orthopedic surgeon
                                             Paolo memorial hospital                                      instructor
                                             B-care medical center
                                            Bangkok, Thailand
8/2002- 3/2003                 United Nation Hospital, Dili                    General orthopedist
                                             East Timor
4/2002-7/2002                  Bhumiphol Adulyadej hospital               Junior orthopedic
                                             Bangkok, Thailand
4/1996-4/1998                  Wing 1 Air-force base hospital,                  Flight surgeon
                                            Nakornrachasima, Thailand
4/1995-3/1996                  Aviation training school hospital,               General practitioner
                                          The 50st Annual Meeting of Bhumiphol Adulyadej Hospital, Bangkok,
10/1999                            Thailand.

Presented paper:           Laparoscopic cholecystectomy: 5 years experience in Bhumiphol Adulyadej
10/2000                           The Annual Meeting of the Royal Thai Orthopedic Association, Pattaya,
Presented poster:          Comparison study between definite femoral nailing within 1 week and more
                                          than 1 week in aspect of rate of bone healing.
11/2002                           The XXIV Annual conference of The Royal College of Orthopedic Surgeon,
                                          Pattaya ,Thailand.
Presented paper:           Experimental study between conventional pre-op x-ray and 3 dimension CT-
                                          SCAN in correct hump-back scaphoid non-union with anterior wedge graft.

                                  “Peace Keeping Force Medal” from UNITED NATIONS.
2003                         Orthopedic surgeon and deputy commanding officer of UN hospital
                                  during civil unrest in East Timor.
                                  “Certificate of Out-standing personnel” from UNITED NATIONS.
                                 Chief of forward medical team during Bali’s Crisis in 2002.
                                 “Resident of the year from Bhumiphol Adulyadej Hospital”
                                 recipient for 3 consecutive years.
                                “Certificate of Top class-aviation medicine” from Royal Thai Air Force.

1 Pundee C, Sripongprapai S, Ilgin P: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy : 5 years experince in
Bhumiphol Hospital. Thai Journal of Surgery. 19:(10), Jan 1999. 55-61.
2 Pundee C, Sirisaereewan W, Sostre S: Experimental Study between conventional pre-op x-ray
and 3 dimension CT SCAN in correct Hump-back scaphoid non-union with anterior wedge graft .
(abstract) Thai journal of Orthopedics. 35:(5), December 2001. 48p.
Licenses / Certifications
Medical Doctor # 20168 , 1995
Thai Board of Orthopaedic surgeon # 12411, 2002

Special Training
1.AO Course on Principles of Operative Fracture Treatment. Phramongutklao hospital,Bangkok,1999
2.Advanced Hip and Knee Section. Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Thailand, 2003-present
3.Asia Pacific Forum for Minimal invasive surgery. Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia, 2004
4.Advanced Spine section. Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Thailand,2003-present
5.Workshop of Artificial cervical disc prosthesis. Eurospine 2007, Brussels, Belgium, September 2007
6.Aviation Medicine for Flight Surgeon. Aviation Medicine Institute, Bangkok, Thailand,1996
7.Squadron leader Officer School, Royal Thai Air Force, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004
8.Air Borne Course. Special warfare, Royal Thai Army, Lopburi, Thailand, 1994
9.Workshop of Minimal Invasive Technique MIS & QS TKR Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 2007

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