Deloitte 2008 Survey of Health Care Consumers

Deloitte's 2008 Survey of Health Care Consumers

Many U.S. Consumers Want Major Changes in Health Care Design, Delivery. Findings from a groundbreaking Deloitte survey have implications for providers, health plans , life science companies, policy makers and employers .

A new survey by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, part of Deloitte LLP, finds that many American consumers want more from their health care system than they’re currently getting - including greater online connection to health care providers and medical records, customized insurance coverage and wider access to emerging innovations such as retail clinics.


Among the survey's key findings:

•  79 percent of consumers believe health care will be an important issue in the 2008 election; 46 percent described it as one of the top three issues that will affect their vote

•  34 percent say they would use a retail clinic; 16 percent already have

•  60 percent want physicians to provide online access to medical records and test results, and online appointment scheduling; 1 in 4 say they would pay more for the service

•  1 in 3 consumers say they want more holistic/alternative therapies in their treatment program

•  3 in 4 consumers want expanded use of in-home monitoring devices and online tools that would reduce the need for visits and allow individuals to be more active in their care

•  66 percent strongly favor or lean toward state-mandated health insurance

•  84 percent prefer generics to name-brand drugs

•  29 percent support a tax increase to help cover the uninsured; another 37 percent say they would consider a tax hike

•  Only 52 percent of consumers say they understand their insurance coverage

•  1 in 4 consumers maintain a personal health record



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