Medical Tourism Association MTA

Healthbase, Medical Tourism Association logo, Medical tourism association seal, MTA logo, MTA seal, medical tourismHealthbase is a member of Medical Tourism Association (MTA), a non-profit organization based in USA.

Medical tourism or health tourism which is fast growing worldwide needs to be watched over by authorities involved in the business so that high standards of quality and care are maintained. This has given rise to the association.

Medical Tourism Association (also informally known as Medical Travel Authority) is made up of leading international hospitals , medical tourism companies like Healthbase and healthcare companies worldwide. They work towards the common goal of promoting the highest level of care to patients traveling overseas for health care .

With the vast amount of information and global health care choices available, the medical tourist doesn't always have a reliable source of information about the foreign country and provider for his surgical needs. MTA and its members like Healthbase aim at being a source for reliable unbiased information on medical travel with a strong focus on the quality of care abroad.

The association also issues a monthly magazine called Medical Tourism Magazine which highlights the developments in the industry along with opinions from medical tourism experts


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•  World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress (MTA's Medical Tourism Conference held in September 2008)

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