Smith & Nephew Birmingham Hip Resurfacing system BHR

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Smith & Nephew's BIRMINGHAM HIP is the leading total resurfacing hip system worldwide.

The BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing System implant, is made of two parts working together to restore the original function of the ball-and-socket joint. These two parts consist of:

•  a metal mushroom-like cap, which is inserted over the top of the resurfaced femoral head, and

•  a metal cup that is pressed into the socket. The bone then grows into the socket adding increased stability.

The metal on metal hip resurfacing implant offers a significant advantage over traditional total hip replacement implants. Its larger diameter enables the surgeon to reconstruct the hip to more closely match the natural hip, avoiding dislocation after surgery. During the first five years after traditional total hip replacement, about 1-4% of patients will suffer dislocation. However, this larger metal on metal joint replacement reduces the odds to 0.3%, offering improved stability and less restrictions.


Key features:

•  Very low wear

•  Stable over time

•  Instruments have been developed to facilitate accurate placement of the components


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