Rotator Cuff Tears


The term "rotator cuff" refers to a group of four tendons that blend together as they attach to the upper end of the arm bone (humerus). Normally these tendons transmit the force of muscles originating on the shoulder blade (scapula) to the arm providing motion and stability. The most commonly affected tendon is that of the supraspinatus muscle. Defects in the rotator cuff can come from an injury (cuff tear) or from degeneration (cuff wear).

Rotator cuff tears are problems of the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder. One or more rotator cuff tendons may become inflamed from overuse, aging, a fall on an outstretched hand, or a collision. Sports requiring repeated overhead arm motion or occupations requiring heavy lifting also place a strain on rotator cuff tendons and muscles. Normally, tendons are strong, but a longstanding wearing down process may lead to a tear.



Recommended treatment for rotator cuff injury is rest, application of hear or cold, and medication to relieve pain and inflammation. Other treatments like electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves, ultrasound, or a cortisone injection may also be advised. The patient may need to wear a sling for a few days. Gentle exercises and physical therapy may also be recommended.

However, if there is no improvement with these conservative treatments and functional impairment persists, the doctor may perform arthroscopic or open surgical repair of the torn rotator cuff.


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