Spine fusion surgery (spinal fusion) in India for Hamilton, Ontario Canada nurse


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Transcript of the video:

My name is Jill M. I'm from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I came to Bangalore because in Canada they would not do surgery on me.

I had my pain for 16 years. I learnt to live with it. I was given medication to deal with it. I had many MRIs over the past 2 years and they always said it wasn't bad enough to operate on.

Then it got to the point where it was so bad that my pain medication had really increased a lot that it was affecting my work life. So anyway, I had to do something and I saw a couple of neurosurgeons in Canada and none of them would do surgery on me.

They said I had the pain for too long. I was too chronic. I was drug-dependent, and therefore, I was too high a risk for them.

[Jill researched and found Healthbase.com. Healthbase arranged spinal surgery for her with a world class hospital in India.]

It was a wonderful experience. I've got my life back. The medical team is just wonderful. They would come and visit everyday. Every doctor was here. All the nurses would come in everyday, right down to the health keeping. Everyone is very special here. They make you feel very warm.

[Jill is very happy with the surgery and talks enthusiastically about the quality of service she received.]

I know there are a lot of people in Canada suffering with back pain and it's very hard to get surgery there. Waiting lists just to see specialists are 6 months to a couple of years. Then once you see the specialist, it could be another couple of years before they will do the surgery or if they will do surgery on you.

So most definitely I would recommend it highly to anybody who has suffered as long as I have. It has robbed me of my life, my daily living so I would definitely...

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