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Dr. Koen De Smet

Hip Resurfacing Belgium
Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon

  • Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon
  • Staff member General Hospital "Jan Palfijn" of Ghent
  • Consultant Elisabeth Hospital of Sijsele
  • Ex-staff member University Hospital of Ghent
  • Director ANCA-Clinic
  • Dr Koen Dr Smet Orthopedic Surgeon Belgium


    • Resurfacing
    • Primary and Revision hip surgery
    • Open dislocations of hip, Ganz-osteotomy of the hip


    • BVOT Belgische Vereniging voor Orthopedie en Traumatologie.
    • BVOT Hip Group.
    • BOTA Belgian Orthopedic Trauma Association.
    • AAOS American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons®.
    • EHS European Hip Society.
    • ISTA International Science and Technology in Arthroplasty.
    • AIOD Belgium, member and guest expert.
    • ACTA Orthopaedica Belgica, member of editorial board.
    • Orthopedic Staff Member of the General Hospital "Jan Palfijn" at Ghent.
    • Member of scientific committee and co-organizer of the sixt Bota symposium at Ghent September 13, 1997.
    • Member of International Scientific Committee CREMASCOLI PROSTHESIS GROUP 1997–1998, 1998–1999, 1999–2000, 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003.
    • Coordinator of the Belgium Metasul and Study Group 2000-2001.
    • Consultant to Wright Medical Company 2001-2002, 2002-2003, 2003-2004
    • AAOS member 2004-2005, 2005-2006
    • Member of scientific panel and Consultant Wright Medical Company 2004-2005
    • Demo-Surgeon for Belgian and International Orthopaedic Surgeons for BIRMINGHAM HIP RESURFACING since 10/2001–11/2003 (2 to 3 demo sessions a month)
    • Consultant at the MARIA-MIDDELARES HOSPITAL GHENT (BELGIUM) for resurfacing prosthesis 2003/2004
    • Consultant at the ELISABETH HOSPITAL DAMME SIJSELE (BELGIUM) 01/03/2001 – 31/12/2002 (120 THR)

    Current research projects

    • ceramic-on-ceramic stress load and wear in total hip prosthesis.
    • metal-on-metal stress load and wear in total hip prosthesis.
    • resurfacing-prosthesis with young patients.
    • development of new intramedullary trauma nail.
    • Co-worker in international multi-center-study with a newly developed, Matthys-Z-stem (OPTION 3000), a partially and proximally cemented stem.
    • development new instruments Conserve Plus resurfacing.
    • development enhanced fixation cup Wright Medical.

    Studies in development and follow up studies:

    • follow up study of 90 uncemented total hip prosthesis RMHS, clinical  and radiological follow up  (almost finished).
    • follow up study of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Prosthesis - 1500 prosthesis (second largest serie in the World).
    • follow up study of Ceramic-on-Ceramic uncemented prosthesis Ancafit with exchangeable neck (200 prosthesis).
    • follow up study of revision uncemented prosthesis (125) modular Wagner system with exchangeable neck
    • follow up study with Reef revision prosthesis with distal locking mechanism.
    • follow up study of Scientific Hip Prosthesis (120 – 6 years), cemented prosthesis.
    • follow up study with Metal-on-Metal hybrid THR system (first American system in the world used). Biomet MA.
    • First Hip Resurfacing DYSPLASIA implanted, 16/02/1999 University Ghent Belgium, Dr. De Smet.
    • Follow up study in using chronic antibiotherapy in infected prosthesis (together with Dr.Vogelaers University Ghent).
    • An efficacy and safety study of rhBMP-2/Absorbable collagen sponge in open tibial shaft fractures requiring surgical management.
    • metal-ion study, follow up and activity: prospective at random study comparing 120 THR, M²A biomet, metal-on-metal metasul centerpulse, BHR MMT, Durom Zimmer/Centerpulse, Conserve-Plus Wright Medical, with Ceramic-on-Ceramic control group.
    • metal-ion study M²A device and similar THR without Metal-on-Metal comparison with Metasul;
      difference between high carbide and low carbide.

    Past-Lecturer on the State University of Ghent in:

    • Postgraduate course (10 h) in sportsphysiotherapy pelvis and lower limb for physiotherapists (kinesitherapists) 1998-1999, 1999-2000, 2000-2001.
    • Postgraduate course orthopaedics – traumatology (8 h) for nursingstaff (operating room – accident and emergency department) 1998, 1999, 2000.
    • Basic-course orhopaedic surgery for orthopaedic trainees.
    • Review-course orthopaedic and traumatologic surgery for advanced trainees.
    • Instructional courses resurfacing Wright Medical / University of OXFORD (GB)


    • Examinationboard licentiate’s dissertations Moreki 1995-1996.
    • Examinationboard licentiate’s dissertations Moreki 1996-1997.

    Coworker in using:

    • Orthowave program (Dr. Epinet, Bruay-la-buissière, France) in follow up of THP, and follow up studies for prosthesis.
    • Collaboration in setting up National Belgian Hip Register;
      development of software


    • The Alloclassic Zweymüller stem: An All-Round Prosthesis. Dr. K. De Smet. Alloclassic Bulletin. October 1999, 4-7
    • De Totale Heupprothese Op Jonge Leeftijd; La Prothese Totale De Hanche Chez Le Sujet Jeune. Dr. Koen De Smet. Orthopeic Forum, nr. 23. 2000 june
    • Treatment of tibial fractures with the Marchetti-nail, Closed intramedullary nailing using the Marchetti-Vicenzi nail. Its use in closed and open fractures. K. De Smet, A.K. Mostert, J. De Witte, R. Verdonk. INJURY, Int.J.Care Injured. 31 (2000), 597-603
    • FDG PET for the  exclusion in orthopedic prosthesis. F.De Winter, K.De Smet, R.A.Dierckx. SNM Congres, june 2000, ST.Louis, USA. JNM abstract book 2000, 41(5): 327P
      FDG PET for the noninvasive diagnosis of orthopaedic infections. F.De Winter, K.De Smet, R.A.Dierckx. Eur J Nucl Med 2000; 27:PS 15
    • Patient Information Hip Guide. K.De Smet, Ghent University Hospital, Ghent - Belgium. Jan. 2002 (will be presented to patients of the clinic).
    • Fluorine-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose-Positron Emission Tomography: A Highly Accurate Imaging Modality for the Diagnosis of Chronic Musculoskeletal Infections. F.De Winter, C.Van De Wiele, D.Vogelaers, K.De Smet, R.Verdonk, R.A.Dierckx, The Journal of Bone&Joint Surgery, Vol 83-A, No.5, May 2001
    • Early results of primary Birmingham Hip Resurfacing using a hybrid metal-on-metal couple (Award paper). K.A. De Smet, C. Pattyn, R.Verdonk, Ghent University Hospital, Ghent - Belgium. Hip International / Vol 12 no. 2, 2002 / pp. 158-162.
    • Are big heads the solution to dislocation after total hip replacement? Noble, P C; Paravic, V; Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.
    • Anatomic cementless total hip arthroplasty with ceramic bearings and modular necks: 3 to 5 years follow-up. A. Toni, S. Paderni, A. Sudanese, E. Guerra, F. Traina, F. Giardina, B. Antonietti, A. Giunti. Hip International / Vol. 11 no. 1, 2001 / pp. 1-17.
    • Early resection of heterotopic ossification after total hip arthroplasty: A review of the literature. K.A. De Smet, C. Pattyn, R.Verdonk, Ghent University Hospital, Ghent - Belgium. Hip International / Vol. 12 no. 4, 2002 / pp. 383-387.
    • Revisiting Surface Arthroplasty of the Hip. Belgium Experience with Metal-on-Metal Surface Arthroplasty. Koen A. De Smet. ORTHOPEDIC CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA (OCONA) April 2005; Volume 36 Number 2: 203 – 213

    Other Publications and Articles

    Publications in production and send for publication:

    • Femoral Marchettinail, F.Plasschaert, K.De Smet, R.Verdonk, sent to International Journal of Trauma.
    • Humeral Marchettinail, follow up study 40 cases.
    • Marchettinail and its use in panarthrodesis of the ankle.
    • Casereport: retrograde Marchettinail for arthrodesis
      of the ankle in a case of congenital pseudarthrosis. FDG-PET for the non-invasive diagnosis of orthopaedic infections (accepted as a poster in South-Africa) 10-14 april 2000. Accepted in Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.
    • The RMHS hipprosthesis, a failed system.
    • Publication sent to JOURNAL OF ARTHROPLASTY:
      Use of constrained cups in chronic dislocations: concerns and review of the literature. C. Pattyn, A. Kloeck, K. De Smet.

    Case Reports submitted for publication:

    • Case report: “Patella baja”.Treatment with tendon allograft, Z plasty and Krakow suture.
    • Case report: “Dislocation of the radial head in congenital proximal radio-ulnar synostosis”.
    • Gait analysis and muscle-electromyography in chronic ACL rupture, use of a knee brace (Generation II brace)
    • Case report: Acute (sequestered) prolapsed L4L5 disc after discography.

    Residency in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatogoly:

    1989-1990: Rotherham District General Hospital (United Kingdom)

    Training director and senior consultant Mr.Zaman
    Bimonthly (own)lectures at orthopedic staff
    meetings, including following topics:

          • Ilizarov : historical review and applications
          • Extracorporeal irradiation of bone in tumor surgery
          • Legg-Calvé-Perthes: etiopathogeneses, diagnosis, treatment
          • the “clubfoot”
          • handsurgery: “state of the art”

    Handcourse: 1 week Marie-RoseHospital,Edinburgh
    Follow-up study Hydroxyapatite Coated Furlong Total Hip Prosthesis (40 patients)
    Attendance of the congress of the British Orthopaedic Association in Glasgow

    1990-1992: General surgery  St.Jozef Hospital, Gentbrugge
    Training directors :Dr.G.De Gendt -Dr.H.Devriendt

    1992-1993: Heilig-Hart-Hospital, Tienen
    Training director :  Dr.S.Devleeschauwer

    1993-1995 : Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology
    University Hospital, Ghent
    Training director and head of department: Prof. Dr. R. Verdonk.


    • 29/03/1994: Staff meeting - Ghent University Hospital.
      Treatment of wristfractures. State of the art. Review of the literature.
    • 11/06/1994: Lecture Ghent University Hospital, Callusmeeting Wristfracture
    • 22/10/1994: BVOT - congress
      Acetabular fractures. Ilioinguinal approach. Results and technique.
    • 25/10/1994: Staff meeting - Ghent University Hospital
      Treatment of cervical spine fractures.
      October’94:Pediatric nursing staff - Ghent University Hospital
      Practical orthopedic problemsin the pediatric ward
    • 1-2/12/1994: Attendance at International Spine Congress 1994, Reims
    • 22/02/1995: NVKVV-course Brussels
      Traumatology and diagnostic imaging of the upper extremity
    • 30/03/1995: Postgraduate training for nurses.
      Lecture: Management of orthopedic emergencies
    • 25-28/5/1995: International Hip Meeting Stresa, Italy
      Preoperative planning in revision surgery.
      B.Poffyn, M.Janssens, K.De Smet
    • 30/05/1995: Staff meeting - Ghent University Hospital.
      Fractures of the distal radius in children.
    • 8-11/6/1995: XIth annual meeting Cervical Spine Research Society, Erlangen(Germany)
      Cervical instability with medullar compression in Still’s disease.
      B.Poffyn, K.De Smet, D.Uyttendaele
    • 28/9/1995: Staff meeting - Ghent University Hospital.
      Lecture : Treatment of whiplash injury.
      Presentation of the “Quebec Task Force Study”
    • 28/10/1995: Organizer at University Hospital Ghent of a postgraduate
      orthopaedic session and life surgery in revision hiparthroplasty
      by prof.Dr.J.Cuckler, Alabama USA
    • 19/10/1995: Attendance at Congress Marbella (Spain)
      Current features in traumatology and hip (THP) surgery
    • 8/11/1995: Scientific Hip Prosthesis (SHP) surgery course
      Dr.J.F.A.M.Ypma Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
    • 28/11/1995: Attendance at the postgraduate session of the Ghent University
      Hospital : the child’s foot : selected topics.
    • 30/11/1995: Attendance at the postgraduate session of the Ghent University
      Hospital : The specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
      Problems with regard to insurance medicine.
    • 30/1/1996: Postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Fractures about the knee joint.
      Lecture: Retrograde Marchetti nailing of supracondylar
      femoral fractures.
    • 27/2/1996: Postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Pathology of the Achilles tendon in sports :
      Lecture : Differential diagnosis of achillodynia
    • 9/3/1996: Springsymposium 1996 LEUVEN
      Orthopaedic conference - National teaching
      Problems and pitfalls in the upper limb management
      Lecture: Study of 100 cases of humeral Marchetti nailing.
    • 19/3/1996: Impaction bone grafting in hip revision surgery
      Course at East Surrey Hospital Orthopaedic Learning Centre
    • 26/3/1996: Attendance at postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Iatrogenic surgical nerveproblems.
      Lecture : Iatrogenic nerveproblems in surgery of the lower limb.
    • 28/5/1996: Attendance of postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Acromioclavicular pathology
    • 5-7/6/1996: Congress Essene Orthopaedica Belgica
      Fixation techniques and wear in prosthesis
    • 26/6/1996 Lecture for Zimmer International at Brussels
      Marchetti nail: State of the art
    • 20-23/6/1996:Hipcongress Dusseldorf (Germany)
      Lecture : Acetabular reconstruction with the Burch Schneider
      Ring. F.Aziz, K.De Smet
    • 29/8/1996: Visit Prof.Marchetti Rizzoli Institute Bologna Italy 
    • 1/9/1996: An agreement for cooperation was reached.
    • 9-10/9/1996: Course at Colombus Ohio Orthopaedic Institute, USA
      Total Joint Arthroplasty Dr.Mallory, Dr.Lombardi
    • 11/9/1996: Visit to the Rothman Institute Dr.Hozack, Pennsylvania 
      Hospital, Philadelphia, USA (life surgery in hiparthroplasty)
    • 11-12/10/1996: Third International Congress (Dreiländerkongress)
      Bochum, Germany. Controversies in fracture management. Lecture : Initial Experience with retrograde nailing of supracondylar fractures with the Marchettinail.
    • 17/10/1996: Visit of Sulzer orthopaedic factory at Winterthur
    • 8/11/1996: Attendance at Faculty Meeting Ghent : Meniscal rupture, fix it
       or leave it.
    • 14/11/1996: Attendance at Exeter symposium Amsterdam
    • 15/11/1996: Revision in total hip surgery, impaction bone grafting
    • 4/12/1996: Course : arthroscopy update 1996
    • 7/12/1996: Hands-on cadaver lab : Arthroscopy of knee and ankle University Utrecht, the Netherlands.
    • 28/1/1997: ‘Open round table discussion on total hip prosthesis’ and
      postgraduate session : ‘THP: Innovations?’
      Organisation and coordination : DR.KOEN DE SMET
      Invited speakers and members of the round table :
      Prof.Dr.L.Sedel  Faculté de médecine Lariboisière Paris (F)
      Mr.D Mc Minn, FRCSBirmingham (GB)
      Dr.E.J.Van LangelaanLeierdorp, the Netherlands
      Lecture : Future of the hip implant
    • 30-31/1/1997: Minimal invasive traumatology symposium Salzburg, Austria.
      Lecture: Initial experience with retrograde nailing of femoral
      supracondylar fractures with the Marchetti nail.
    • 31/1-1/2/1997: Attendance at Alloclassic symposium Vienna, Austria.
    • 21/3/1997Attendance at "The Corail system Live"
      Argonay Clinic, Annecy (France)
    • 27/3/1997: Attendance at postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Facetjoint problems at the lumbar spine.
    • 12/4/1997: Louvain trauma day
      Lecture : Treatment of fractures of long bones with the
      Marchetti nail.
    • 18/4/1997: Training of operating theatre nursing staff
      Anatomy and physiology of the hip joint
      Total hip prosthesis update
      Pitfalls in total hip surgery
    • 22/4/1997: Organizer of orthopedic Meeting Ghent University Hospital
      Orthowave : The future in clinical follow-up
      Dr.Epinette, Centre de Recherche et Documentation des
      Arthroplasties - Bruay, FRANCE
      Lecture : Retrograde intramedullary Nailing of Humeral Shaft
      Fractures with the Marchetti Nail.
      Poster: Retrograde nailing with the Marchettinail in
      supracondylar femoral fractures.
      Attendance at the ARTOFF - Meeting 23/4/1997
      Attendance at the EHS - Meeting 25/4/1997
    • 15/5/1997: Visit to Prof.Gächter of the University Hospital St.Gallen, Switzerland
    • 22/5/1997: Lecture nurse staff University Hospital Ghent “THE THA”
    • 23/5/1997: Lecture training nursing staff intensive care and operating room
      Endoscopy in orthopaedics.
    • 27/5/1997: Attendance at postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Gait analysis lab: diagnostic features.
    • 4-6/6/1997: Attendance at BVOT (Orthopaedica Belgica) meeting Avascular necrosis
    • 26/08/1997: Coördinator lecture & demonstration University Ghent 
      Retrograde Ace Traumanail
      Dr.Moed Henri Ford Hospital DETROIT
    • 27/08/1997: Annual Winter Meeting Australia
      Lecture : Prof.R.Verdonk, K.De Smet
      Burg-Schneider Ring Fixation
    • 13/09/1997: Sixth symposium of the Belgian Orthopaedic Trauma
      Lecture : Retrograde Marchetti Nailing for supracondylar femoral fractures
    • 30/9/1997: Attendance of postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      2 years laparoscopic lumbar fusion
      Lecture:Our results at the University of Ghent with the ceramic on ceramic wear couple.
      Lecture : Marchetti Nailing in humeral fractures
      Retrograde femoral nailing of supracondylar femoral fractures
      President of case discussion and workshops of ante & retrograde nailing of the femur.
      THP revisions, use of a modular prosthesis. DR.K.DE SMET
      Coördinator: K.De Smet Invited speakers : Prof.Willert
      Göttingen, Prof.Argenson Marseille.
    • 28-29/11/1997: BVOT - SOBCOT ESSENE (AALST)
      Orthopaedica Belgica Congres : INFORMATICS AND ORHOPAEDICS
      Lecture : The AO-classification
    • 02-03/12/1997: SHP (Scientific Hip Prosthesis) European Users Meeting
      Lecture : Clinical experience in Belgium (University Ghent)
    • 4/12/1997: Lecture physiotherapy manipulation staff : The hip and sportsinjuries
    • 11/12/1997: Lecture nursing staff Flanders : Osteoporosis
    • 8/1/1998: Lecture general practioners Ghent : Update Total Hip Prosthesis
    • 12/1/1998: Lecture physiotherapy manipulation staff : The knee and sportsinjuries
    • 27/1/1998: Attendance of postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Cartilage transplantation
      Invited speakers : Lars Peterson Gothenburg Sweden, Laszlo
      Hangody, Budapest Hongary
    • 26-27/2/1998: ZURICH, SWITZERLAND
      Lecture for farmaceutic industry Ghent
    • 14/3/1998: Attendance at Pellenberg Orthopaedic Conferences Leuven.
    • 5/2/1998 - 12/2/1998 - 19/2/1998 - 12/3/1998 - 19/3/1998: INSTRUCTIONAL
      COURSES “SPORTSINJURY” for sports-physiotherapy staff
      Lecture for farmaceutic industry Kortrijk
    • 31/3/1998: Attendance of postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Compartment syndrome
    • 26/05/1998: Attendance of postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Anklesprains, medico-legal and economical update
    • 13/06/1998: Attendance of Belgian Orthopaedic Trauma Association
      Brussels Belgium, locomotoric trauma.
    • 20/06/1998: Chairman of CONGRES : PROBLEM SOLVING IN HIP-
      REVISION SURGERY. Invited speakers
      Dr.J.Retpen Denmark, Dr.E.J.Van Langelaan Netherland,
      MR.G.J.Charnley Devon U.K., Mr.Stossel Kent U.K, Mr.Smith
      Bristol U.K.
    • 31/3/1998: Attendance of postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Compartment syndrome
    • 20/08/1998: Attendance at The Birmingham Nuffield Hospital
      Operative sessions with Mr.McMinn, Hip Resurfacing
    • 03 - 04/09/1998: Conference in Bologna - Verona with Dr.Toni, 
      Prof.Dr.Marchetti Rizzoli Bologna, Prof.Bartolozzi Milan ITALY
    • 17 - 19/09/1998: Attendance of MEETING "The interchangeable neck" in THP, MADRID, SPAIN 
      Lecture : Clinical experience with the exchangeable neck from primary to revision surgery.
    • 01-03/10/1998: Attendance of 11th ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM of the
      Medical, economical and legal update
      Coördinator and organiser :K.De Smet
      Lecture: Early first experience with the metal-on-metal couple at the
      University Hospital Gent Dr.K.De Smet
    • 04/12/1998: Attendance of MEETING Winterthur Switzerland
      "10 years experience with the Wagner Self-Locking Revision Stem" with Prof.H.Wagner.
    • 26-28/11/1998: Visit to the University Hospital Lariboisiere Paris France
      Prof.Dr.L.Sedel Ceramic on ceramic long term results and assistance in operative work
    • 15 - 16/01/1999: Attendance of MEETING "Techniques and Vision in Primary and Revision Hip Arthroplasty", with Dr.Malchau Sweden.
    • 09/02/1999: Lecture Reumatology Meeting Ghent : Update Total Hip Prosthesis
    • 11/02/1999: Attendance at The Birmingham Nuffield Hospital
      Operative sessions with Mr.McMinn, Hip Resurfacing Dysplastic cases
    • 23/02/1999: Attendance of postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Postdiscectomy Syndrome
    • 12-13/03/1999: Attendance of 4th International Symposium CERAMTEC,
      Reliability and long term results of ceramics in orthopaedics, Stuttgart Germany.
    • 26-27/03/1999: Attendance of Clinical Symposium "Evolution in Knee Arthroplasty"
      Orthopaedic Department Catholic University Policlinico "A.Gemelli", ROMA Italy
    • 20/04/1999: Lecture nursing staff reumatology : The total hip prosthesis
    • 07-08/10/1999: Attendance at International Trauma Symposium, Gent
      Lecture: the Marchetti-Vicenzi II nail  
    • 22-23/10/1999: Invited speaker:Metal-on-Metal, a Surgeon’s Perspective
      Hipsymposium Marbella Spain
    • 28-30/10/1999: Attendance at Instructional Course of Hip Revision Surgery
      Barcelona Spain
    • 07-10/11/1999: Attendance at the SIOT meeting at Rome Italy. Italian congres of
      orthopaedic surgery
    • 19/11/1999: Lecture general practitioners : total hip prosthesis today
    • 08-11/12/1999: Attendance at the Current Concepts in Joint Replacement (Winter 1999)
      in Orlando
    • 22/12/1999: Lecture for orthopaedic surgeons: primary and revision total hip surgery:
      state of the art.
    • 28/01/2000: Guest Expert at the First Trauma Course at Bruges, Belgium
    • 29/02/2000: Attendance of postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Cervical fusion: the indications
    • 01/04/2000: Attendance at the BVOT-NOV symposium: Cementless Hiparthroplasty
      Antwerp Belgium
    • 13/05/2000: Attendance at the Metal-on-metal meeting Louvain Belgium
    • 25/05/2000: Attendance at the Metasul Group Meeting Luik, Blegium
    • 6/6/2000: FDG PET is highly accurate in the diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis in the
      central skeleton. (accepted as an oral session St.Louis, USA 4-7 june 2000)
      F.De Winter, K.De Smet, R.Dierckx
    • 13-15/06/2000: Attendance at the COURSE OF REVISION SURGERY, London, England
    • 26-27/08/2000: Attendance at the AIOD meeting PARIS, FRANCE
    • 2-6/9/2000: European association of Nuclear Medicine meeting  Paris, France
      FDG PET for the noninvasive diagnosis of orthopaedic infections.
      F.De Winter, K.De Smet, R.A.Dierckx
    • 8-10/09/2000: Attendance at the HIP AND KNEE REVISION meeting Lisbon, PORTUGAL
      Lecture: 4 years experience with modular prostheses.
    • 12/09/2000: Invited guest in round table and life-surgery:
      Centre Hospitalier du Bois de l’Abbaye et de Hesbaye SERAING Belgium
    • 25/09/2000: Lecture in basiccourse Orthopaedics and traumatology for Orthopaedic
      Trainees: Arthrodesis of the hip; Avascular necrosis of the hip
    • 26/09/2000: Attendance at the postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Meniscal transplantation: 10 year follow-up
    • 5-7/10/2000: Attendance at the World Tribology Meeting MONTREUX Switserland
    • 20/10/2000: Attendance and member of the round table "femoral revisions" and life
      surgery Seraing (Sulzer) Belgium
    • 31/10/2000: Attendance at the postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Fractures of the hand.
    • 19-20/01/2001: Guest speaker in the Second Trauma Course at Bruges, Belgium.
      Lectures: supracondylar nailing Pelvic external fixation
    • 30/01/2001: Attendance at the postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Techniques in infiltration of joints.
    • 27/02/2001: Attendance at the postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      Flatfeet in children
    • 31/03/2001: Speaker at the "LEUVENSE TRAUMADAG", SPRINGMEETING BVOT
      The Marchetti-Vicenzi II nail
    • 2-4/05/2001: Orthopaedica Belgica Congres
      Speaker 4/05/2001: The Belgian National Hip Register
      Femoral revision: uncemented technique
    • 09/05/2001: Eveningcolloquim general practicians : Locomotoric Revalidation
      Lecture: "Home, with a new THP."
    • 07/06/2001: Attendance at the 5th Congress of the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Rhodes Greece, EUROPEAN HIP SOCIETY
      Lecture: RMHS prosthesis, follow up E.Van Ovost, K.De Smet. R.Verdonk
    • 20/06/2001: Attendance at the ZimmerMeeting in Brugge Belgium.
    • 16-17/08/2001: Meeting Sheffield-Doncaster-Centaur Casting factory prosthesis
      Meeting London Finsbury - discussion with engineers BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing)
    • 01/09/2001: Chairman SICOTMEETING PARIS session: Lower Limb surgery
    • 10-12/10/2001: Attendance as invited speaker at MMT Meeting Birmingham on British Orthopaedic Association Meeting
      Lecture: Ceramic-on-ceramic THA or BHR for the young patient; a personal view.
    • 24-25/09/2001: Attendance at the meeting ALTERNATE BEARINGS MAUI HAWAII
    • 26-29/09/2001: Attendance at the ISTA MEETING MAUI HAWAII
      Paneldiscussion: THA in young patients
      Lecture: Ceramic-on-ceramic THA or BHR for the young patient
    • 09/11/2001: SOFCOT-Meeting Paris
      Meeting Metal-on-Metal ion study. (Sulzermeeting)
    • 18/12/2001: Attendance at the ORTHOS-meeting (bonecement) University hospital
      Ghent (coordinator)
    • 25-26/01/2002: AIOD meeting guest speaker
      LECTURES: pelvis external fixation Supracondylar femoral nailing
    • 29/01/2002: Attendance at the postgraduate session Ghent University Hospital
      TSP = Glenohumeral reconstruction
    • 27-28/02/2002: LIFESURGERY – MMT MEETING GHENT (20 English Surgeons)
      Organisation: DE SMET KOEN
      Lecture: State of the art: the total hipprosthesis
      Follow up study: 200 BHR
      Life-surgery: BHR intervention, BHRdysplasia and profemur C/D with femoral shorteningsosteotomy in CDH case.
    • 01/03/2002: Attendance at the UCL Hip Symposium Belgium
      Lecture: The conservative Hips; Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Dr.De Smet
    • 02/03/2002: Attendance at the SULZER TRIBOLOGY MEETING MECHELEN
      Chairman of the congress
      Lecture: metal –on-metal; metallurgy and surgeons’experience
    • 31/03/2002: Poster presentation at the SICOT/SIROT 2002 XXII World Congress.
    • 30/05/2002: Orthopeadica Belgica 2002 Congress
      Femur: uncemented technique Dr.De Smet
    • 05-08/06/2002: European Hip Society – 2002 Domestic Meeting BAVENO
    • 21-22/06/2002: Symposium Wright Medical Cremascoli VIENNA
      Lecture: Bearing surfaces in Large Joint Arthroplasty
    • 25-27/08/2002: SICOT-meeting SAN DIEGO USA
      Poster: Early results of hybrid metal-on-metal resurfacing
    • 13/09/2002: Demo operation and presentation: 435 BHR and experience
      Montebellino – TREVISO ITALY
    • 11/10/2002: Demo surgery and presentation at the first Belgian BHR users meeting
    • 14/11/2002: SOFCOT PARIS Attendance Minimal Invasive Surgery for Resurfacing as invited orthopaedic surgeon
    • 25/11/2002: 3 DEMO OPERATIES BHR- BHRDYSPLASIE, Dr.Paul Bom
      Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis Den Bosch Nederland
      Symposium Implants ‘ Nederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging’
      Amsterdam: Metal-on-Metal in Total Hip Arthroplasty  Lecture.        
    • 18/12/2002: Lokgroup FLANDRES:
      Lecture and organisation: THE NATIONAL HIPREGISTER
    • 25/01/2003: UCL MEETING attribute to Prof. Lemaire
      Invited speaker: experience with the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
    • 07/03/2003: Newcastle (GREAT-BRITAIN) meeting, MMT – RESURFACING
      2 lectures as invited speaker:
      Ghent experience with Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
      BHR in difficult cases, indications and treatment
    • 21-23/04/2003: MEETING INDIA CHENNAI
      Two demo surgeries: 1 dysplasia BHR and 1 dysplasia BHR for acetabular fracture.
      Three lectures:
      - Introduction and preoperative templating in BHR
      - Ghent experience with Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
      - Pearls and Pitfalls in BHR
    • 25/03/2003: Postgraduate meeting University Hospital Ghent.
      Chairman and lecture: Registration of Hip Prosthesis, how to do it?
    • 28-29/03/2003: MEETING DRESDEN
      Invited speaker: Lecture:
      BHR and ceramic-on-ceramic THR in young patients.
    • 08-09/05/2003: BVOT MEETING BRUSSELS
      Invited speaker: Influence on wear and stability in large head THR.
    • 07-08/06/2003: Attendance to EFFORT MEETING HELSINKI FINLAND
    • 08/06/2003: Invited speaker at the European Hip Society (EHS) Speciality day
      EFFORT meeting Helsinki
      Lecture: Revisions using large heads.
    • 13-15/06/2003: MMT MALAGA MEETING Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
      Invited speaker: 2 Lectures
      - Ghent Experience in BHR
      - Navigation and Minival Invasive Surgery: Limitations and Concerns
      Invited speaker: 2 Lectures:
      - The Ghent Experience: 850 Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
      - Use of big heads in revisions
      “The range of motion in total hip arthroplasty,
      the resurfacing in total hip arthroplasty”
      Invited speaker: Lecture:
      - Resurfacing in Difficult Cases
      “La protesi d’anca da rivestimento”
      Invited speaker: 2 Lectures
      - Innovations of resurfacing
      - Personal experience in the resurfacing
    • 21-22/10/2003: ZURICH OPERATION
    • 4-7/12/2003: MEETING MEMPHIS
    • 19/12/2003: MEETING BOLOGNA, Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli
      Invited speaker: Lecture:
      - Artroplastica di rivestimento secondo McMinn con accoppiamento metallo/metallo o protesi tradizionale con accoppiamento ceramica/ceramica
    • 16/01/2004: MEETING LAUSANNE
      “Surgical treatment in young patients with hip osteoarthritis”
      Invited speaker: Lecture:
      - Hip resurfacing versus Ceramic/Ceramic THR
    • 28/01/2004: MEETING BREMEN
      “Aktuelle Trends in der Hüftendoprothetik”
      Invited speaker: Lecture:
      - BHR-Oberflächenersatz-Hüftprothese nach McMinn
      “Opstart nationaal heupregister en financiering”
      Attented Annual Meeting American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
      Invited speaker
    • 23/04/2004: Congres - Paterswolde Groningen Nederland
      'New trends in total joint replacement'
      Invited speaker.
    • 1/05/2004: International Affiliate Member of the AAOS
      (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons).
    • 7/05/2004 MEETING ROME
      “Conservative implants in hip surgery”
      Annual training course in Hip Surgery
      Invited speaker : Lecture : - Conserve
      Third Symposium on Joint Preserving and Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Hip
      Invited speaker : Lecture :
      - Clinical Experience with Current Surface Arthroplasty of the Hip : A Belgian Experience
      Invited speaker : Lecture : - “Heup chirurgie”
      Invited speaker : Lectures :
      - Clinical Results in Difficult Cases
      - Pre-planning / Surgical Technique
      - Revision Options
    • 22/09/2004 Business meeting (OXFORD)
      Invited speaker : Lecture : - Plans and tricks in resurfacing
    • 23-25/09/2004 ISTA 2004 (ROME, ITALY)
      17th annual symposium of the international society for technology in arthroplasty
      Invited speaker : Lectures :
      - Large diameter femoral heads in revision hip surgery
       - Primary ceramic-on-ceramic THA versus metal-on-metal hip resurfacing in active young patients
      (AMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • 11-14/11/2004 MEETING DUBAI
      The 2nd International Resurfacing Forum
      Lecture : - Primary Ceramic THR Versus Resurfacing. C. Pattyn, K. De Smet
    • 20/11/2004 NOV BVOT CONGRESS (ANTWERP )
      Total Hip Arthroplasty: Problems and alternatives
      Lectures :
       - Resurfacing arthroplasty in difficult cases. E. Jansegers, K. De Smet, C. Pattyn
       - Two-stage revision of infected THR with a preformed spacer and uncemented
       stem. C. Pattyn, K. De Smet, E. Jansegers
    • 11-12/12/2004 MEETING ORLANDO, FLORIDA
       Panel Member : Wright Medical Technology’s 2ND Annual Resurfacing
       Technologies Advisory Panel (RTAP) meeting
    • 15/12/2004 Attendance LOKGROUP FLANDRES
      “De toepassing van keramiek op keramiek en resurfacing in de heup-chirurgie”
    • 22/01/2005 Chirurgisch – Orthopädisch Fachklinik Lorsch GERMANY
      Symposium Hüftendoprothetik aktuell
      Invited speaker : Lecture :
      - Surface Replacement an der Hüfte: Klinische Erfahrung
      - Rundtischgespräch Oberflächenersatz an der Hüfte: Neue Kappe oder alter Hut?
      - Hands on Workshop Oberflächenersatz Hüfte Conserve Plus
    • 31-4/02/2005 MEETING VAL THORENS (WRIGHT)
      Arthroplasty Symposium
      Invited speaker : Lecture :
      - Challenging Resurfacing Hip Cases
      - Large Femoral Head Prosthesis in Hip Surgery
    • 4-5/04/2005 MEETING OXFORD
      Instructional Course on Conserve Plus
      Invited speaker : Lecture :
       - Surgical Techniques
       -Clinical Results in Difficult Cases
       -Surgical Technique in detail
       -Revision Options 2
       Hands-on-workshop – 4 stations
      18th Bi-Annual Arthroplasty Society Congress
       Invited speaker : Lecture :
       -Belgium experience with metal on metal surface Arthroplasty
       -Hip Resurfacing Symposium
      Workshop Conserve Plus Resurfacing Technique
    • 21/04/2005 MEETING SWITZERLAND
      Xve Journee Romande D’Orthopedie
      La hanche : Actualités
      Invitded speaker : Lecture :
      - Expérience avec la prothèse BHR
    • 27/04/2005 MEETING UMC St. Radboud (NEDERLAND)
      Invited speaker :
      “7 jaar ervaring met heupresurfacing”
    • 9-10/05/2005 MEETING OXFORD
      Instructional Course on Conserve Plus
      Invited speaker : Lecture :
      - Surgical Technique in Detail
      - Clinical Results in Difficult Cases
      - Pre-operative Templating / Implant Positioning
      - Revision Options 1
    • 20-21/05/2005 MEETING BRAZILIË
      VIII JOPPAQ Jornada Paulista de Patologia do Quadril
      Invited speaker : Lecture :
      - Pre-planning / Surgical Technique in MOM Resurfacing
      - Cirurgia III : Recapeamento “Resurfacing”
      - Belgium Experience with Metal on Metal Surface Arthroplasty
      - Revision Options in MOM Resurfacing
      Invited speaker : Lecture :
      - Clinical Follow Up of 1600 BHR
      - Revision Options
    • 14-15/07/2005 MEETING BOLOGNE, ITALY
      Wright Medical Technology’s 3rd Resurfacing Technologies Advisory Panel 
      Invited speaker
    • 5-6/09/2005 MEETING OXFORD
      Instructional Course on Conserve Plus
      Invited speaker : Lecture :
      - Surgical Technique in Detail
      - Clinical Results in Difficult Cases
      - Pre-operative Templating / Implant Positioning
      - Revision Options 1


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