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Share: facebook Dr. Raju Vaishya
Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Medical Council of India Delhi Medical Council
  • General Medical Council of UK (Full Registration)

  • 1977-86, G.R. Medical College, Gwalior.
  • 1987-90, University of Birmingham & Liverpool, U.K
  • MBBS (Hons)1982, Jiwaji University, Gwalior.
  • MS (Orth.) 1986, Jiwaji University, Gwalior.
  • MCh (Orth) 1990, Liverpool University, England.

  • 4 Years of specialised higher surgical training (especially in Knee surgery, including total joint replacement & arthroscopic surgery) at various prestigious hospitals of U.K viz. Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospitals, Oswestry & Royal Liverpool Children`s Hospitals, UK.
  • SHO (Ortho) March 1987-Dec 1987 Glan Clwyd Hospital, Rhyl, UK
  • Knee Fellow Jan 1988-April 1988 Hill Top Hospital, Bromsgrove,UK
  • Registrar (Orth) April 1988-June1989 RJAH Ortho Hospital, Oswestry, UK
  • Registrar (Orth) July 1989-Dec 1989 Hereford General Hospital, UK
  • Registrar (Orth) Jan 1990-Dec 1990 Royal AlderHey Liverpool Children`s Hospital
  • Awarded A.O fellowship to gain advanced training in operative management of fractures, in Germany and Switzerland.
  • Have had specialised training in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder & knee from Dr Brian Cole at Rush Presbytarian Hospital, Chicago, USA
  • Have had specialised training in arthroscopic shoulder surgery from Prof. Simon Frostick of Liverpool University, UK

  • KNEE SURGERY (Total Joint Replacement & Arthroscopic Surgery)

  • Numerous publications in international journals on various Orthopaedic subjects, including the original research in the field of knee surgery.
  • Presented several academic lectures at various National & International conferences, in CME programmes.
  • Had been an Editorial Board member of I.J.O.

  • Highest Income Tax payee award (in Professional category) of Government of India, from 1994-95 to 1998-99, in Gwalior Division.
  • Outstanding Young Person of Gwalior- Awarded by Gwalior Junior Chamber-1996.
  • Professor`s gold medal for the best research at Oswestry, University of Birmingham,UK (1989)

  1. Vaishya R. "A thorny problem ": diagnosis & treatment of acacia thorn injuries. INJURY. 21 ; 97-100, 1989 .
  2. Vaishya R , Strover AE , Darby AJ . Are prosthetic ligaments inert? OSWESTRIAN. 1, 14-16 ; 1989.
  3. Vaishya R , Strover AE . Bilateral cysts of the lateral femoral trochlea . ACTA ORTHOP BELGICA . 57, 617-19 ; 1990.
  4. Vaishya R , Pullicino VC , McCall IW . The role of CT arthography in patello- femoral disorders . OSWESTRIAN . 1, 20-23 ; 1989.
  5. Bagga TK , Vaishya R. Measurement of instability in ACL deficient knee. OSWESTRIAN. 1, 26-27 ; 1989.
  6. Vaishya R, Middha VP. Wooden lesions produced by splinters of wood in soft tissues & bone. INTERNATIONAL ORTHOP (SICOT) . 14, 47-48 ; 1990 .
  7. Vaishya R , Mudgal CS , Klenerman L . Non union of osteochondroma . ACTA ORTHOP BELGICA . 57 , 68-70 ; 1991.
  8. Vaishya R, Patrick JH. Isolated fracture dislocation of tarsal navicular. INJURY. 22, 47-48 ; 1991.
  9. Bagga TK , Vaishya R, Jaffary DC. Dynamic assessment of cruciate ligaments using an electronic force platform. ACTA ORTHOP BELGICA. 57 , 7-10 ; 1991.
  10. Vaishya R. Idiopathic osteonecrosis of the patella : an unusual case of pain in the knee. J BONE JOINT SURG (AM). 73-A, 1574-75 ; 1991.
  11. Vaishya R. The role of C.T. arthography in patello-femoral disorders. The MCh Orthian. 1, 57-58 ; 1991.
  12. D`Souza SR, Vaishya R, Klenerman L. Management of radial neck fractures in children . PAEDIATRIC ORTHOP. 13, 232-38 ; 1993.
  13. Gopa Kumar TS, Vaishya R, Klenerman L. Role of ultrasound & isotope scanning in the management of irritable hips . J EUR RADIOL. 15, 113-17 ; 1992.
  14. Debnath UK, Vaishya R, Verma HS. Patella fracture in a patient of Forestier's disease. ACTA ORTHOP BEL. 58, 353, 1992.
  15. Vaishya R. Controversies in Total Knee Replacement. J West Bengal Orthop Assoc. 15 (1) , 19-25 ; 1998.
  16. Vaishya R , Sharma P. Arthroscopic management of stiff knee. Indian J Orthop. 33 (4), 274-75 ; 1999.
  17. Tandon H, Vaishya R. Stress fractures in Osteoarthritis of knee. Indian J Orthop.
  18. Vaishya R. Total Knee Replacement-a new hope for the knee crippled. Orthopaedics Update. 2(2), 6-9; 2000.
  19. Vaishya R. Total Knee Replacement: A patient`s information guide. Orthopaedics Today. III (3), 159- 162; 2001.

Thesis done
  1. Acacia thorn injuries (Clinic-experimental study). Accepted for MS (Orth) by Jiwaji University, Gwalior (1986).
  2. CT Arthrography of Patello-femoral joint. Accepted for MCh (Orth) by Liverpool University (1990)
  3. Comparative study of MRI & Arthroscopy for knee disorders. Submitted for DNB (Radiology). Co-guide with Dr Parveena. 2005
Papers sent for publications
  1. Vaishya R, Dhawan R, Thukral R. Dislocation of Posteriorly Stabilized TKR.
  2. Vaishya R, Dwivedi R, Thukral R. Shoulder Arthroscopy (Indian experience)
  3. Vaishya R, Upadhyay V, Jain P. Muscle Pedicle grafting in Avascular Necrosis of Femoral head.
  4. Vaishya R. Artthroscopic shoulder stabilisation.
  5. Vaishya R. Recent advances in the management of chondral Injuries.
  1. Total Knee Replacement. B&B Hospital, Kathmandu.
  2. Total Knee Replacement. Chodha Hospital, Jalandhar
  3. Total Knee Replacement. Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar
  4. Arthroscopy Workshop. SM Hospital, Sikar
  5. Arthrosopy Workshop. Shukla Hospital, Dharamshala
  6. Arthroscopy Workshop. Paliwal Hospital, Bhopal
  7. Arthroscopy Worskhop. Jaipur Hospital, Jaipur
  8. Total Knee Replacement. City Hospital. Lucknow.
  9. Total Joint Replacement. Anupam Hospital, Rudrapur.
  10. Total Hip Replacement. NITOR, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  11. Arthroscopy workshop. NITOR, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  1. Apollo Arthroplasty Course (For Beninners) , Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  2. Recent Advances in Articular Cartilage Repair. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. N Delhi. Nov 2004
  3. 2nd International Shoulder/Elbow Surgery Symposium. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. N Delhi. Sept. 2002
  4. Monthly meeting of Delhi Orthopaedic Association. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, N Delhi.
  5. 1st International Shoulder Surgery Symposium. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, N Delhi. Sept 2000
  6. Monthly meeting of Delhi Orthopaedic Association. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, N Delhi.
  7. 2nd International Workshop on Total Knee Replacement. Friends Medical Centre, N Delhi. Nov 1997
  8. International Knee Workshop. Friends Medical Centre, N Delhi.
  1. Recent Advances in Arthritis. IMA branch, Gwalior, July 2005
  2. What`s In & Out in THR. Apollo Arthroplasty Course. July 2005
  3. What`s In & Out in TKR. Apollo Arthroplasty Course. July 2005
  4. Bone Defects in TKR. Apollo Arthroplasty Course. July 2005
  5. What would you do? Apollo Arthroplasty Course. July 2005
  6. Recent Advances in the treatment of hip arthritis in young patients. IMA branch, Gwalior. April 2005
  7. Shoulder Arthroscopy. Ist Uttranchal Chapter conference of IOA. Nainital. April 2005.
  8. Hybrid Hip Replacement for younger patients. Ist Uttranchal Chapter conference of IOA. Nainital. April 2005.
  9. Recent Advances in the management of hip arthritis in young patients. IMA, Gwalior. April 2005.
  10. Shoulder Arthroscopy. Orthocon 2005. Islamabad. March 2005.
  11. RA in articular cartilage injuries. Orthocon 2005. Islamabad. March 2005.
  12. Prevent Injuries & Enhance Performance (PEP) program in sports injuries. 1st Sports medicine & Arthroscopy Workshop. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, N Delhi. March 2005.
  13. Cementless cups in THR. BOSCON meeting. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jan 2005
  14. Arthroscopic stabilisation or recurrent dislocatin of shoulder. BOSCON meeting. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jan 2005.
  15. Recent advances in Articular Cartilage Injuries. BOSCON meeting. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jan 2005
  16. Design considerations in TKR. BOSCON meeting. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jan 2005
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  23. Controversies in Total Knee Replacement. Current & future trends in Total Knee Arthroplasty. IOA North Zone Conference, Patiala, March 2003
  24. Infection in Total Knee Replacement. Workshop on Minimally Access Surgery for Knee Replacement. Apollo Hospital, N Delhi. Feb 2003
  25. Complications in Total Knee Replacement. International Total Knee Replacement conference, Apollo Hospital, N Delhi. Dec 2002.
  26. New Horizons in Joint Replacement Surgery in India. Sarita Vihar Study Circle, N Delhi. Dec. 2002
  27. New Horizons in Joint Replacement Surgery in India. Indian Medical Association. Jallandhar. Nov.2002
  28. Surgical Approaches to Shoulder. International Shoulder Surgery Conference, RML Hospital, N Delhi. Nov 2002.
  29. Surgical Approaches & Arthroscopic portals of Shoulder & Elbow. 2nd Apollo Shoulder Surgery Symposium. September 2002.
  30. Hybrid Total Hip Replacement. Seminar on Total Hip Arthroplasty. Allahabad.Sept 2002
  31. Complication & controversies in TKR. 26th Annual Conference of UP chapter of IOA. Ghaziabad 2002
  32. Recent Advances in the management of Osteoarthrtis. Indian Medical Association, Meerut. July 2002.
  33. Principles of Operative Fracture Treatment (Table Instructor). AO Course, N Delhi. July 2002
  34. Controversies & Complications in TKR. IOA (Delhi chapter). Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, N Delhi. January 2001.
  35. Role of Arthroscopy in Arthritis. Arthritis-Update. IMA BHEL branch, Bhopal. Feb 2001
  36. Controversies in TKR. 20th Annual conference of north Zone of IOA. Rohtak. Feb 2001
  37. TKR for management of OA knee. 19th Annual conference of IOA (MP Chapter) Khajuraho. Sept 2000.
  38. Recent advancement in treatment of OA knee. 19th Annual conference of IOA (MP Chapter) Khajuraho. Sept 2000.
  39. Controversies in Total Knee Replacement. 2nd Annual Conference of Central Zone of IOA. Bhopal. Jan 2000.
  40. Reamed v/s Unreamed Nailing. AO workshop at IOACON. Jaipur. November 2000.
  41. Arthroscopic Arthrolysis of Stiff Knees. North Zone IOA conference. Ludhiana. Feb 2000
  42. New Trends In Surgical Management of Disorders of Knee joint. Indian Medical Association. Merrut. July 1997.
International Conferences Attended
  1. 70thAmerican Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). New Orleans, USA. Feb 2003
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