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Dental Cleaning and Gingivitis treatment

Dental Plague Removal using Air-Flow

Air-Flow S1 - dental plaque remover
The AIR-FLOW S1 (by EMS - Electro Medical Systems) is the ideal equipment for hygienists. By using a jet formed by air, powder and water, the AIR-FLOW S1 removes dental plaque, soft deposits and surface stains from pits, grooves, interproximal spaces and smooth surfaces of the teeth. Is now supplied with the new handpiece for better access, with an extended nozzle for more precise stream and Free-Flow technology for a clogg-free operation.

Dental plaque removal

Dental plaque is "the soft tenacious material found on the tooth surface which is not readily removed by rinsing with water". It is estimated that 1mm of dental plaque, weighing about 1mg, contains more than 200 million bacteria. There is well over 350 sorts of bacteria in the oral cavity, only few have the ability to colonize a newly cleaned tooth surface.
Air-Flow S1 - dental plaque remover - prophylaxis Colonization of teeth surfaces by bacteria is acknowledged as the key etiologic factor in the most common oral disease: like inflammation induced in the gingival soft tissues adjacent to the gingival plaque, carious lesions of the enamel which develop on individual
The treatment is carried out by means of small rotating brushes or rubber cups, scalers curettes or ultrasonic devices. Because this work is labor-intensive and time-consuming, new methods are constantly sought for a more effective treatment which is both harmless and comfortable for the patient. The AIR-FLOW method was introduced to provide an alternative method of stain and plaque removal.

Air-flow Prophylaxis

The AIR-FLOW method delivers a controlled stream of fine powder particles to the tooth surface through water spray and compressed air. The AIR-FLOW Prophylaxis Powder is a sodium bicarbonate based. This is a relatively soft material which is biocompatible if ingested. It is an accepted dentifrice and antacid. It is moderately abrasive. It dissolves rapidly and has a relatively low toxicity.


Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and the bone supporting the teeth. This infection may be influenced not only by oral health factors but also by other diseases like diabetes or cardio-vascular diseases. Smoking, stress and genetic factors may also influence the incidence of periodontal disease. Sometimes, the association of periodontal disease and other (systemic) diseases goes in both directions: this means that not only periodontal disease can be influenced by other diseases but that also periodontal disease might have a strong impact on the course of systemic diseases. periodontics - chronic bacterial infection
If the plaque, which contains the bacteria is not regularly removed through good oral health care and by professional means, an inflammation of the gums may be the result. The patient and/or the dentist can see that the gums are red, slightly swollen and bleed easily. This early form of periodontal disease is called gingivitis.

Gingivitis to Periodontitis

Gingivitis can be reversed into a healthy state thanks to professional teeth cleaning (see also: Scaling and Prophylaxis) followed by improved home oral care by the patient.
As gingivitis does not usually cause particular discomfort for the patient, this condition does not motivate him or her to see a dentist. Also, bleeding gums are traditionally considered as being quite "normal" and not recognized as the symptom of the disease. In some cases, even dentists do not diagnose gingivitis unless the patient complains about discomfort. gingivitis -  early form of periodontal disease
If gingivitis is not treated, it can advance to periodontitis. Plaque and its bacterial population will go deeper and deeper down below the sulcus area. The inflammatory response of the body will cause the gums (and finally also the bone surrounding the teeth) to retract and separate from the teeth. Spaces between the gums and the teeth are formed, the so-called pockets. Even at this time, the patient may just feel minor discomfort. Too often, he or she will go and see the dentist only when the bone around the teeth has decreased so much that one or several teeth become loose. periodontitis -  advanced form of periodontal disease In order to give treatment to the very high number of people concerned by moderate forms of periodontal disease (including gingivitis), general practitioners and dental hygienists are indispensable.

Air-flow for Orthodontics

orthodontics cleaning - using airflow It is a well know fact that the use of orthodontic brackets and bands leads to niches of plaque and stains which need to be removed.There is a higher risk of caries following a treatment with fixed appliances. Professional teeth cleaning is particularly necessary for patients who are not willing or not able to perform the required oral hygiene. These appliances present a greater challenge in routine polishing due to the fact that brackets, wires and elastics impede access with the rubber cup. Plaque removal with the AIR-FLOW method is much faster than any conventional technique because the removal of arch wire ligatures and springs is not necessary.
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