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Hip Resurfacing Testimonials

Healthbase - Dr. Bose - Birmingham Hip Resurfacing patients Testimonials

Patient Memoirs

Healthbase customer Katharine talks about her Brimingham Hip Resurfacing experience

Katharine, a ballet dancer from Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), USA suffered from osteoarthritis in both hips. Being uninsured she was unable to afford the cost of her double hip joint resurfacing operations in the US. So she contacted Healthbase who coordinated her medical travel trips to India to treat her orthopedic disease. She received two Birmingham hip resurfacing surgeries at the Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India performed by Dr. Vijay Bose.

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Healthbase customer Michael Roberts talks about his Birmingham Hip Resurfacing experience

Michael, a British citizen living in Manila, Philippines, suffered from severe pain in his left hip. Through Healthbase he booked his hip joint resurfacing procedure in India to treat his orthopaedic condition. He received Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery at the Apollo Specialty Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India performed by Dr. Vijay Bose.

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Healthbase customer Alice J about her experience

Alice from Pahoa, Hawaii (HI), USA suffered from hip arthritis and lower back pain. Being uninsured she was unable to afford the cost of her hip joint resurfacing operation in the United States. So she explored other affordable health care options, namey, surgery overseas and contacted Healthbase. Healthbase coordinated her medical tourism trip to India to treat her orthopedic condition. She underwent Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure at the Apollo Specialty Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India performed by Dr. Vijay Bose.

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 Hawaii (HI), USA Hip Resurfacing patient - Alice - Dr. Vijay Bose - Apollo Hospitals - Chennai

Healthbase customer Gene C about his experience

Gene, from Prescott Valley, Arizona (AZ), USA suffered from hip arthritis for over 6 years and was scheduled for total hip replacement (THR) in the US. Not comfortable with THR, he began exploring the other option of hip resurfacing. Being uninsured he decided to have the surgery abroad. Healthbase coordinated his medical care trip to India to treat his orthopedic condition. He underwent Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India performed by Dr. Vijay Bose.

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NBC-KRQE-13 News, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Pati S, Hip Resurfacing

Healthbase Customer
Santa Fe woman heads to India for hip surgery
- Mike Paluska and Todd Dukart
SANTA FE, N.M. - Pati Springmeyer, 53, said she had no choice but to go to India for hip resurfacing surgery last month.
Springmeyer said health insurance didn't cover the surgery, and that doing it in the U.S. would have cost more than $40,000.
"I got the best medical care possible for a fraction of the cost of what it would be in this country, so how can you beat that?" she said.
In early December, she flew 8,000 miles to Chennai, India, to have her surgery.
"I stayed in a five-star hotel and I recuperated in the most beautiful surroundings possible," she said.
More at:

Healthbase customer - Herbert M, California, Hip Resurfacing customer Herbert M with Dr. Bose
Photo: Dr. Bose and Herbert
I am back in California and I feel better and stronger by the day, My arthritic pain has been gone since I woke up after surgery and the only pain that remains is related to the surgery itself (muscles and tendons) and this pain is minimal and going away rapidly.

I had a great experience in India and all at the Apollo hospital, from Dr. Bose to the entire supporting staff at the hospital more than met my expectations. I believe in what I did and will promote it to all the people I know.

Thanks for all of Healthbase support... The way you followed up with me goes a long way and I thank you for it.

Healthbase customer Jacquie Brock, British Columbia, Canada

12/20/2007 - Surgery in India offers leg up
Jeremy Bloom -- Staff Writer
The Powell River Peak 2007, British Columbia, Canada
Once upon a time, rock stars and celebrities went to India seeking enlightenment. It was the hip thing to do.
Jacquie Brock went for a different kind of hip.

The Cranberry Lake resident is a poster child for what it means to be active and healthy in one's senior years. Except for her hip. She started having mobility problems several years ago. The situation wasn't life-threatening, but the pain of even simple movement and walking was making life miserable for her.
Unfortunately, getting medical procedures that don't involve life and death, like hip replacement, can be a painfully slow process.

"It was going downhill fast," said Brock. "In July I was in the doctor's office and he phoned a clinic on Vancouver Island. They said, 'she's on the list to get on the list to see a specialist, and we'll phone her in September or October.' Not for an appointment, just for an update on the list."

This is how she found herself in Chanai, India. Medical travel has become big business--a multi-billion dollar business by some estimates, with patients from the United States (US), Canada and Europe taking advantage of lower costs in India, Singapore and Thailand to get cut-rate dental care and surgery.

Healthbase, a US company, arranged all the details of Brock's procedure, from anaesthetic to X-rays. The company even arranged all necessary visas.
Brock left Powell River on November 10 and was back on the 29th. This was a very quick turnaround. The trip to India left Brock with expenses of about $8,000 in medical fees, and substantially more in travel costs, in addition to the 32 hours of flying each way.

It's the cost side of the equation that makes medical travel prohibitive for the average person. To date, only a handful of Canadians have taken advantage of this opportunity. The BC ministry of health doesn't track statistics, but Healthbase said they have dozens of Canadian clients, not thousands.
Rather than research a specific country or company, Brock started out researching a technique. Sitting lakeside in the Cranberry home she shares with husband Bob, Brock described the procedure, known as Birmingham resurfacing.

"Instead of cutting the top off your femur and driving a titanium ball down the center of the leg bone," she said, "they resurface the socket with titanium and then top the ball at the top of your femur with titanium. It's much less traumatic, you can imagine."
"Look," she said, standing up and then raising her leg, first out to the left, then straight forward in front of her. "It's so smooth. I haven't been able to do that in years and it doesn't hurt. It's amazing."
Brock said physiotherapy should allow her to stop using canes by the end of the year. Her mobility has improved immeasurably and so has her mood.
... More at: The Powell River Peak 2007, British Columbia, Canada

Healthbase Customer David B, Canada, Hip Resurfacing

David, a 68-year old Canadian had led an active lifestyle all his life until a few years back when he started experiencing pain in his groin and stiffening in his right hip. Both problems worsened and started having an impact on his lifestyle.

Then last year he consulted an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed as having an arthritic right hip. After nine months of waiting for tests, waiting for doctor's appointments and waiting on a surgery list, one day he logged on to Healthbase, completed the registration form and asked for a FREE quote. Healthbase responded to his request and connected him with Dr. Bose in India who performed Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery for him 3 weeks later.
David says, "The assistance received from Healthbase and the follow up with Dr. Bose was a very positive experience. I'm looking forward to getting my life back and being able to do the things that I was no longer capable of doing."

Healthbase customer Hans B, Canada

Hans B, from Vanderhoof, British Columbia (BC), Canada suffered from hip arthritis. Being unable to afford the hip joint resurfacing surgery at private Canadian hospitals nor ready to wait in the long wait list for surgery under the public healthcare system, he decided to have his surgery in India coordinated by Healthbase. He underwent Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery at the Apollo Specialty Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India performed by Dr. Vijay Bose.

Hans Says:
Moe at Healthbase was excellent. If it wasn't for him I would have gone to another country, other than India. I'm glad I went to India for the lower cost and excellent doctor. Moe always called back immediately (within minutes) on receiving my emails, day or night, weekends etc. and very patiently walked me through everything and was very friendly... excellent person.Dr. Bose and the staff at Apollo were excellent. I was very happy to be part of their patient load and certainly felt I got excellent value for my money. Certainly closer attention and better service than I receive at our hospitals in Canada.
I also was very impressed with the high professional standards regarding pre-op evaluation and infection control etc. Thanks to all at Healthbase and Apollo. British Columbia (BC), Canada - Hip Resurfacing Patient - Dr. Bose - Apollo Hospitals - Chennai

Healthbase customer Loukman A, USA

Loukman, from Fullerton, California (CA), USA needed hip joint resurfacing so he contacted Healthbase. Healthbase coordinated his health care tourism trip to India where he underwent Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery at the Apollo Specialty Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. His orthopedic surgery was performed by Dr. Vijay Bose.

Loukman Says:
I am very happy with my Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. My brother-in-law and me had very good time in India. We like to thank Healthbase, Dr. Bose and hospital team. I am going to talk about this to everyone who is suffering from hip pain.

Healthbase customer Tim T USA

Tim, from Elmendorf AFB, Alaska (AK), USA suffered from severe pain in the hip and needed hip joint resurfacing / hip joint replacement to treat the pain. Healthbase coordinated his treatment in India where he underwent hip surgery. His operation was performed by Dr. Vijay C Bose at Apollo Hospital Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Tim says:
I am very happy with surgery. I am a superman now. No more pain medication!
I will recommend Healthbase and Dr. Bose to my friends and family! Tim - Alaksa patient- hip surgery -  Dr. Vijay C Bose at Apollo Hospital Chennai

Healthbase customer Kerry B Canada

Hi Moe
I have just come in from a 20 minute bike ride. I am feeling great and people can't believe I just had an operation. The people were fantastic towards me and treated me like a king.
You must have anyone who is thinking of having this done call me right away.

Kerry B Just wanted to say that Dr.Bose has given me back my life.

Canada Hip Resurfacing Patient - Kerry - Dr. Bose - Apollo Hospitals - India

Healthbase customer Vera P USA

Vera P, from Wilton, Connecticut (CT), USA needed hip joint replacement because she suffered from hip arthritis. Healthbase coordinated her healthcare travel trip to India where she underwent Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery with stem (BHR with stem) at the Apollo Specialty Hospitals in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Her orthopedic surgery was performed by Dr. Vijay Bose.

Vera P (in the middle in the picture) is our very happy BHR with Stem patient.

Vera - Hip Surgery - Dr. Vijay Bose -  BHR with Stem - Apollo Hospitals - Chennai

Healthbase customer Richard C - few months after hip resurfacing surgery

Richard, from Modesto, California (CA), USA suffered from hip arthritis. Being uninsured he was unable to afford the high cost of hip joint resurfacing in the United States so he explored other cheaper alternatives - surgery abroad and contacted Healthbase. Healthbase coordinated his health tourism trip to India to treat his orthopedic problem. In India he underwent Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery (BHR) at the Apollo Specialty Hospitals in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, performed by Dr. Vijay Bose.

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Miguel Martnez, Healthbase and Dr.Bose Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Patient
Miguel M, from Cuautitlan, Mexico suffered from severe hip pain. The lack of expertise in hip resurfacing and the high cost of the surgery in his country led him into exploring better and cheaper alternatives abroad so he contacted Healthbase. Healthbase coordinated his medical tourism trip to India to treat his orthopedic problem. In India he underwent Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery (BHR) at the Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, performed by Dr. Vijay C. Bose.
After my Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery, I just want to give a very special recognition and very big and sincere thanks to Mr. Moe, since without all his efforts, hard work, attentions, patience and kindness I would probably have not decided to have my surgery done in India. He was the key person in the idea, removing all concerns and leading me throughout the whole process
Now I am walking again, I have no pain at all, and I have huge expectations for my upcoming life that would have been absolutely impossible without all these persons and this marvelous experience.

Patient Memoirs

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Healthbase, an award-winning* medical tourism facilitator in USA, is the trusted source for global medical and dental choices, connecting patients to leading healthcare facilities worldwide. We arrange a variety of medical tourism services from basic consultations to full service treatment abroad. We help you to take care of all your medical tourism details from arranging the surgery and financing options to visas, travel, lodging and tourism.

Healthbase caters to the needs of individual consumers, self-funded businesses, insurance carriers, benefit consultants, insurance agents, and third party administrators seeking affordable medical travel and dental travel options. Our state-of-the-art, easy to use, information rich web-based system makes it easy to coordinate international medical care including necessary travel and accommodation for patients and their companions, all at one place.

The cost of surgical care at our ever growing network of affiliated institutions is typically a fraction of the cost of care in the U.S. with equal or superior outcomes. Healthbase arranges first class services for patients at major internationally accredited hospitals in Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, Belgium, Hungary, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, USA and is expanding to Canada, UK, Jordan,Taiwan, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, El Salvador and Guatemala.

We offer over two hundred medical, dental and cosmetic procedures in various categories: Orthopedic procedures such as hip replacement, Birmingham hip resurfacing, artificial knee replacement, rotator cuff repair, knee surgery; Cardiac and Vascular procedures like heart bypass (multiple coronary artery bypass graft or CABG), aortic aneurysm repair, heart valve repair, heat valve replacement, angioplasty, RF Ablation; Spinal procedures such as spine fusion, laminectomy, disc replacement; Weight-loss procedures like gastric bypass, lap band, gastric sleeve; Eye procedures like LASIK; Cosmetic and Plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, face lift, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), liposuction; Dental procedures such as orthognathic surgery, dental bridges, dental implants, dental crowns; dental veneers; and hundreds of other procedures in the departments of Urology, General surgery, Wellness and many more. The savings are up to 80% of typical US hospital prices.

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