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Healthbase - Medical Tourism - Fox 26 TV Houston

HOUSTON -- A father of five from Katy needed life-saving surgery but because he didn't have health insurance to cover his expenses, he flew overseas to get the surgery at a lower rate. But as FOX 26's Melissa Wilson reports, many others are participating in this move of 'medical tourism.'

More at:

Healthbase Customer Steve R - NBC TV - Cardiac Bypass Surgery

Reported by: Jaie Avila, NBC TV -, Texas, USA
What if you found out you needed an expensive medical procedure and insurance wouldn't cover the cost. Faced with that situation, some Texans have decided to travel to another country to get medical care at a fraction of the price. News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila investigates what's called 'medical tourism.'
Instead of checking into their local hospital, some patients are booking a flight, and combining medical treatment with leisure time. There are companies that will set it all up. Buddies Steve Roach and Frank Murphy watch the video they shot during their vacation to India last November. They got to see the Taj Mahal, the market places, some snake charmers. Then, Steve stopped into a hospital for a triple by-pass surgery.
"Since I had limited insurance, I knew I was going to get stuck with a big bill," says Steve. He says he could not afford the cost of a triple by-pass in the states. "[The] hospital alone was $48,000 to $80,000. Plus, the cost of the doctor and the anesthesiologist and medication and all of that. You're looking for $100,000, probably."
A company Steve found on the internet, called Healthbase, matched him up with a hospital in New Delhi that would do the surgery for only $12,000, including doctor's fees, lab tests and medication. The company tells patients to bring a companion along, so Steve's co-worker, Frank Murphy, made the trip and was allowed to stay in the same large hospital room.
"The hospital was kept extremely clean," says Frank of the facility. "I think the care and the facilities were pretty much equal to, or maybe superior to, in some respects, to what one would experience here in the United States in the same circumstance."
More info at:

For your FREE personalized quote for cardiac surgery , register here

Fox TV Video - Healthbase - Kathie, USA, Hip Resurfacing

HealthWorks - Americans Seeking Medical Treatment Overseas. Healthbase Hip Resurfacing Patient Kathie.

Kathie is one of the many uninsured American patients who seek affordable high quality health care abroad. Kathie recently had Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery in India, arranged by Healthbase.

Healthbase customer - Richard P, California, USA

Bilateral Hip Resurfacing customer Richard P with Dr. Malhan
Photo: Dr. Malhan with Richard
Richard is one of the many insured American patients who seek affordable high quality health care abroad. Richard recently had Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery for his both the hips in India, arranged by Healthbase. Richard talks about the wonderful experience he had with and the quality of care he received at Wockhardt.

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KHOU TV, 11 News, Houston - David J, Cardiac Surgery

Thanks to Westland Baptist Chruch!

David had three clogged arteries. The self-employed home remodeler had his second heart attack in June 2007. The first time, his family had health insurance but not now. David needed a triple bypass that would have cost about $250,000. Healthbase helped to arrange David's triple bypass cardiac surgery for 6% of this cost.
Kind hearted members of Westland Baptist Church helped to raise money for David's Surgery

David's family and Healthbase team express heart felt thanks to Westland Baptist Church.

For your FREE personalized quote for cardiac surgery , register here

Healthbase Customer Norma - ACL Reconstruction

Tennis player Norma is one of the many uninsured and underinsured American patients who seek affordable health care abroad. She recently had ACL Reconstruction in India, arranged by Healthbase. She talks about the wonderful experience she had with Healthbase and the quality of care she received at Apollo Hospitals with Dr. Yash Gulati.

For your FREE personalized quote for ACL Reconstruction, register here

Healthbase customer - Herbert M, California, Hip Resurfacing customer Herbert M with Dr. Bose
Photo: Dr. Bose and Herbert
I am back in California and I feel better and stronger by the day, My arthritic pain has been gone since I woke up after surgery and the only pain that remains is related to the surgery itself (muscles and tendons) and this pain is minimal and going away rapidly.

I had a great experience in India and all at the Apollo hospital, from Dr. Bose to the entire supporting staff at the hospital more than met my expectations. I believe in what I did and will promote it to all the people I know.

Thanks for all of Healthbase support... The way you followed up with me goes a long way and I thank you for it.

Healthbase customer Jacquie Brock, British Columbia, Canada

12/20/2007 - Surgery in India offers leg up
Jeremy Bloom -- Staff Writer
The Powell River Peak 2007, British Columbia, Canada
Once upon a time, rock stars and celebrities went to India seeking enlightenment. It was the hip thing to do.
Jacquie Brock went for a different kind of hip.

The Cranberry Lake resident is a poster child for what it means to be active and healthy in one's senior years. Except for her hip. She started having mobility problems several years ago. The situation wasn't life-threatening, but the pain of even simple movement and walking was making life miserable for her.
Unfortunately, getting medical procedures that don't involve life and death, like hip replacement, can be a painfully slow process.

"It was going downhill fast," said Brock. "In July I was in the doctor's office and he phoned a clinic on Vancouver Island. They said, 'she's on the list to get on the list to see a specialist, and we'll phone her in September or October.' Not for an appointment, just for an update on the list."

This is how she found herself in Chanai, India. Medical travel has become big business--a multi-billion dollar business by some estimates, with patients from the United States (US), Canada and Europe taking advantage of lower costs in India, Singapore and Thailand to get cut-rate dental care and surgery.

Healthbase, a US company, arranged all the details of Brock's procedure, from anaesthetic to X-rays. The company even arranged all necessary visas.
Brock left Powell River on November 10 and was back on the 29th. This was a very quick turnaround. The trip to India left Brock with expenses of about $8,000 in medical fees, and substantially more in travel costs, in addition to the 32 hours of flying each way.

It's the cost side of the equation that makes medical travel prohibitive for the average person. To date, only a handful of Canadians have taken advantage of this opportunity. The BC ministry of health doesn't track statistics, but Healthbase said they have dozens of Canadian clients, not thousands.
Rather than research a specific country or company, Brock started out researching a technique. Sitting lakeside in the Cranberry home she shares with husband Bob, Brock described the procedure, known as Birmingham resurfacing.

"Instead of cutting the top off your femur and driving a titanium ball down the center of the leg bone," she said, "they resurface the socket with titanium and then top the ball at the top of your femur with titanium. It's much less traumatic, you can imagine."
"Look," she said, standing up and then raising her leg, first out to the left, then straight forward in front of her. "It's so smooth. I haven't been able to do that in years and it doesn't hurt. It's amazing."
Brock said physiotherapy should allow her to stop using canes by the end of the year. Her mobility has improved immeasurably and so has her mood.
... More at: The Powell River Peak 2007, British Columbia, Canada

NBC-TV - Austinites Cross The Globe For Medical Treatment

By Jim Swift

One of the flash points in the Democratic party primary battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is the debate about health care in the United States.

Millions of Americans live without medical insurance, and many of them are not waiting for the government to act.

The following is a transcript from KXAN Austin News' Jim Swift, who has a special report on the experiences of two Austinites who ventured into the world of medical tourism.

Perhaps you are one of those living without medical insurance.

If not, imagine for a moment that you are, and that you face every day hoping nothing goes wrong.

Then it does. What would you do?

Much of what we hear about India is evidently true. There are lots of people, for one thing, leading to lots of traffic and lots of pollution. Monkeys are not limited to the jungle, and cows are not limited to the barn.

We get fresh evidence of all this from Austinite Steve Roach, who arranged a medical tourism trip to India with his friend Frank Murphy.

"You got a good deal here," Roach says.
"There's a typical tourist," Murphy says.

Last year, Roach, who has only the bare minimum of health insurance, discovered he needed triple-bypass heart surgery.

"Come on now, they were quoting me $48,000 to $85,000, just for the hospital here," Roach says. "That's not the doctor or the anesthesiologist, and you could get 11 days there, all costs, for $12,000. Quite a difference."

"If this alternative had not been available to you, what would you have done?" Swift asks.
"I would have had to have gotten it here," Roach says.
"And how would you have paid for that?" Swift asks.
"Bankruptcy, I imagine," Roach says. "I wouldn't have much choice."

"Based on your experience, watching Steve, is this something you would do if you needed to?" Swift asks.

"If I had to," Murphy says. "Thank God I'm on Medicare, and I don't have to worry about the expenses the way Steve did. But if I were in a similar situation, as far as needing it and not being able to afford it here, yeah, I'd do it."


Roach, on the other hand, arranged his trip to India through Healthbase, a company that conne cts patients to more than 200 medical, cosmetic and dental procedures in eight countries around the world.
More info at:

NBC-KRQE-13 News, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Pati S, Hip Resurfacing

Healthbase Customer
Santa Fe woman heads to India for hip surgery
- Mike Paluska and Todd Dukart
SANTA FE, N.M. - Pati Springmeyer, 53, said she had no choice but to go to India for hip resurfacing surgery last month.
Springmeyer said health insurance didn't cover the surgery, and that doing it in the U.S. would have cost more than $40,000.
"I got the best medical care possible for a fraction of the cost of what it would be in this country, so how can you beat that?" she said.
In early December, she flew 8,000 miles to Chennai, India, to have her surgery.
"I stayed in a five-star hotel and I recuperated in the most beautiful surroundings possible," she said.
More at:

For your FREE personalized quote for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, register here

Healthbase customer - Carol W, Illinois, USA

Hip Resurfacing

Carol is one of the many uninsured and underinsured American patients who seek affordable health care abroad. She recently had Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery in India, arranged by Healthbase. She talks about the wonderful experience she had with and the quality of care she received at Wockhardt.


Healthbase customer - James S, Wyoming, USA

Hip Resurfacing

James is one of the many uninsured and underinsured American patients who seek affordable health care abroad. James S had osteoarthritis for the past 25 years. In last few months it was just unbearable. James recently had Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery in India, arranged by Healthbase. James talks about the wonderful experience he had with and the quality of care he received at Wockhardt.

For your FREE personalized quote for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, register here

Healthbase customer - Jill M, Canada

Spinal Surgery

Jill is one of the Canadian patients who seek affordable health care abroad. Jill's 16 years old spinal problem got relieved through Healthbase.

For your FREE personalized quote for Spine Surgery, register here

Healthbase customer - Stephanie, LA, USA

Lap Band

Stephanie, LA found on the Internet search and arranged her lap band procedure in Mexico hospital.
She said that the website was extremely easy to use and their customer support staff was readily available to answer any questions.
Stephanie said: "Everything is better than my expectations. Quality of care received is excellent." She also adds: "The doctor was more concerned with patients and checked in more frequently than any U.S. doctor that I`ve ever encountered. In fact, it would be unheard of for a U.S. doctor to leave his workout at the gym and show up in their patient`s hospital room within five minutes of a concern. However, that is exactly what Dr. Valencia did. I was truly in disbelief and never expected the doctor to even come to the hospital at all to answer my question." and "The hospital staff visited frequently and made sure that the entire experience was as comfortable as possible." I saved over $8,000 by choosing to go abroad for my lap band procedure. I would recommend Healthbase to anybody who is in need of their services. Stephanie, LA

Healthbase customer - Thomas, Indonesia

Cardiac Bypass Surgery at National Heart Center, Singapore customer Thomas with Dr. Chua Yeow Leng of National Heart Cneter Singapore
Photo: Thomas with Dr. Chua Yeow Leng and his staff of National Heart Center, Singapore

Dear Healthbase,

Thank you very much for your services. My father is very happy with the procedure.
Thank you very much and I will definitely recommend you to other people.

Thank you,
Thomas family

Healthbase customer - Melvin J, Michigan, USA

Cardiac Surgery

Melvin J saved over $400,000 on his cardiac surgeries
Healthbase customer Melvin J, Michigan was diagnosed with aortic aneurysm and some blockage in his arteries a few months back. He was prescribed 3 surgeries to treat them - aneurysm repair, heart catherization, and stents or cardiac bypass(es). Being uninsured, he could not afford to have the surgeries in the US. Thus, he explored other options and with the help of Healthbase, went to India to be treated by Dr. Naresh Trehan at the Apollo Hospital.

Medical Tourism - Healthbase - Melvin and Dr. Trehan

Photo: Melvin with Dr. Trehan

US hospitals had quoted $450,000 for the surgeries, doctors fees and tests. For the same procedures, Healthbase and Apollo Hospital gave him an estimate of $45,000 which also included the doctors fees, tests, and hospital stay for him and his companion. This was 10% of what his local hospital had quoted. In India, they re-evaluated his problems and determined he did not need stents or cardiac bypass(es). So when he received his final bill, it was $14,000.

Says Melvin, "The people I met - the hospital staff, the people at Healthbase, were all very helpful, and I am grateful for their assistance. If a need arose I would go back for medical treatment. I hope to return someday for some sightseeing!"

Healthbase Customer - Markey D, Mississippi, USA

"At the end of May of this year, the cartilage in my left hip finally wore completely out due to osteoarthritis. I had bone on bone when walking and severe pain. I had learned about hip resurfacing through newspaper articles. I went online to find out all I could about the procedure and availability of same. During my search there was a link to medical tourism. When I clicked on medical tourism it took me to the Healthbase website."

There, I found a wealth of information explaining medical tourism and a film clip on hip resurfacing... I then filled out a personal information worksheet as well as a medical profile. From there, Healthbase helped me in everything from sending my medical records to doctor, appointment booking, passport, visa and travel arrangements.  Everyone told me that I would not be able to obtain a passport in that short of a period of time, as there was a tremendous back log from everyone trying to obtain passports. Healthbase told me not to be concerned, that we could get it. Two weeks from the day I mailed all completed materials I received my passport and visa.

"From the time I entered the hospital was treated as royalty with care and respect. All personnel that I came into contact with I was able to converse in English with. They immediately started gathering information and prepping me for surgery the following day. The surgeon, Dr. Mahlan, is one of the most learned in the world in the field of hip resurfacing. The entire surgical staff are first class. After surgery I could not have asked for better care or treatment. The therapist then began immediately working with me to prepare me 10 days later to return home and resume a normalcy of life. During my entire stay Healthbase maintained contact with the hospital and with me and reported daily my progress to my family."

"There is no way I can adequately put into words the positive attitude that I have towards Healthbase and their staff, Wockhardt Hospital and their staff."
Markey D, Mississippi, USA

World Class Surgery At Third World Price

By JOEL McNEECE customer  Markey Davis infront of his office Markey Davis, of Calhoun City, has walked with a progressive limp for years. He's anticipating that limp to be gone in a few weeks after a recent trip to India. Davis, 64, has been a long time sufferer of osteo arthritis in his left hip. Last spring, the condition worsened to the point something drastic had to be done. The week after Memorial Day it went out on me, Davis said. It was bone on bone and the pain became excruciating.
Davis then ran across an article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal describing the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) procedure. Davis research revealed the BHR would likely be a better option than a full hip replacement.
Unlike traditional hip replacement surgery the amount of bone removed is much smaller with BHR. Other advantages were faster rehabilitation, BHR removes only unhealthy bone preserving the normal bone of the hip, better restoration of full function, and an overall 99% success rate, Davis said.
Davis's internet research then led him to, a medical tourism company that helps patients find doctors and facilities best suited for their needs overseas.

Healthbase Customer - Hip Resurfacing - Sally P, Texas, USA customer Sally P after Hip Resurfacing The trip to Mumbai sounded very exotic. We got a lot of help from selecting the hospital, doctor, booking surgery, securing our passports on time, shots, and checking on airfares. Then Pam and I were off to Chicago to fly to Mumbai abroad Air India. The flight was uneventful as was the stay in Wockhardt Hospital. We met several new friends there having hip surgery. They seemed to be doing well, as was I. Up walking around without much pain. The hospital and personnel were very clean, neat, and friendly. Nurses would come in every hour to check my diet, bring menus. I ate a great deal but didn't gain weight.
The hospital room had a view of the city and palm trees, tiled bath and great air-conditioning, marble floors. The cooling was copious home cooking. No pork or beef. The sun shone in every day. We had splendid weather.
After the operation I went shopping at the mall in a SUV. It was very comfortable. I had a wheelchair the three times I went out. We enjoyed the street scenes. I began walking without a cane sometimes.
Then we were on our way with a driver to the airport for the long trip home. I arrived at 10 pm to happy friends. Altogether a very exciting experience.

Sally P Texas

Colorado Public Radio

Healthbase Customer Joe and Barbara L
height='20' width='150' >

Excerpts from Healthbase customer Colorado Public Radio Interview:

Host [H]: How is your husband doing?

Barbara [B]: He is doing very well

[H]: You went to India for care. How long was he there?

[B]: We were there 3 weeks.

Healthbase customer Joe, Barbara with Dr. Naresh Trehan
Photo: Barbara and Joe with Dr. Naresh Trehan

[H]: So you went there as well. Why did you decide to go abroad for care?

[B]: Because he did not want to have surgery here. And we found that the services abroad and the cost were a great deal less expensive.

[H]: Its a great deal less expensive there. How much less expensive?

[B]: The surgery over here would have been well over a hundred thousand dollars. And by the time I left India I paid nine thousand dollars for the surgery.

[H]: Wow! Thats 10% of the cost in the US.

[B]: Absolutely.

[H]: Are you including in that airfare at all?

[B]: No, sir. That doesnt include the airfare. Thats just what the hospital charges were.

[H]: Now you said your husband did not want have the surgery here. Did he feel the quality would be better abroad?

[B]: The doctor overseas were more open with him about what he needed and what the problems were. And the other big problem here is fighting with the insurance company to actually get them to cover what they say they will cover. And meeting heart surgery you dont need the stress of having to fight with the insurance company to get what you have paid for.

[H]: Did you have any reservations about this? I mean we talked about the quality of care but did you think, gosh, are the facilities and the doctors going to be as good in India?

[B]: Based on the profile that the company [Healthbase] provided on their website I was quite comfortable with what I was reading.

[H]: These are medical tourism travel agencies then?

[B]: Yes. They [Healthbase] provided the doctors bio and all of the procedures that they have performed and what their success rate is and their 0.2% infection rate. I was quite comfortable with what they were saying.

[H]: So I gather that what that means is that when you went there, when you walked in that door it was a pretty telling time, probably started looking around.

[B]: It was obvious from the beginning. They picked us up from the airport. We were taken right to the hospital and he was checked in and the next morning they started immediately with the testing and the interviews with the doctor, pre-surgery interviews .

[H]: I wanted to ask you about follow-up care. When the doctors who performed the surgery are half a world away, what happens in those subsequent weeks and months?

[B]: He had an appointment with his cardiologist here before we left. He knew that we were traveling to India. And just a week ago, he had an appointment with the cardiologist just to be checked out so he could see where he was at, at this point.

[H]: I wonder if his cardiologist had any misgivings about the fact that you were leaving the country to get the procedure done.

[B]: Other than asking why, he was very positive about it.

[H]: I think I know the answer to this question but if you had to do it over again, would you?

[B]: Yes, in a heart beat.

Area resident outsources his heart surgery to India

By Sharon Sullivan
June 5, 2007
Grand Junction CO Colorado
Grand Junction
The roughest part of Joe Lindts recent heart surgery was the 14-hour flight to India where he had the procedure done.
Lindt could have had the triple-bypass surgery in Grand Junction, but the 63-year-old from Delta chose to go overseas instead. Healthbase - Medical Tourism - Joe Lindt and Barbara Lindt
The Lindts arrived in New Delhi, India on Tuesday, April 3, where he was immediately admitted into the hospital. The surgery took place the following Saturday.

... For more details, please click here.

My Dear friend Moe, How do you thank a friend for giving you your life back. The hours you spent walking me thru the processes of getting ready to go India. You made me feel calm and assured me I was doing the right thing. "And you were so right". I never doubted the processes. I just knew that I was going to be fine. When I got to the Hospital, I felt I knew the room because I had seen it on the great Healthbase web site. I doubt that I would have took the trip had I not had a great friend like Moe to guide me. Thank you my dear friend Moe for being part of the team that gave me my life back. Your were as important to me as the doctor because you got me there to him. - Kathie Thornton

Healthbase Customer William N

William Nilsson had not paid much attention to the knee injuries he sustained during football games in high-school some 50 years ago. But when he tore his knee ligaments last year while playing golf, he, like 45 million uninsured Americans, didnt know how he could pay for a knee replacement surgery. He saw the light of hope with Healthbase that helped him find low cost but high quality treatment in India, ensuring that he could play golf again.

After his successful surgery and recovery in India, William Nilsson and his wife returned home to the US in mid-April. He recalls his wonderful experience with Healthbase throughout the process of his treatment. In his own words, I was very impressed with all the help I received and the clarity with which my questions were answered [by Healthbase]. The service and information I have received from Healthbase has been excellent. Everything was great.

Video about Healthbase Knee Replacement Patient

Looking for free cost estimate. Please click register

He also enthusiastically talks about the quality of care he received at Wockhardt hospital in India. He quotes, The doctors who treated me were very professional. They would visit our room many times a day. The quality of care we received on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the least, I would rate them as a 10.

William Nilsson is one of the many uninsured and underinsured American patients who seek help at Healthbase each year. Healthbase, a Massachusetts based medical tourism facilitator, connects patients to leading medical facilities overseas, arranging first-class treatment for them at major internationally-accredited hospitals in India, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey and Mexico. In order to provide a wider variety of hospitals and greater convenience to its patients, Healthbase is expanding its network of provider affiliates to Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Brazil and Belgium.

The cost of surgical care at Healthbases continually growing network of affiliated institutions is typically a fraction of that found in the U.S., with equal or superior outcomes. A knee replacement surgery, for example, which costs over $30,000 in the US, costs only $6,500 in India. Even with travel expenses taken into account, the comprehensive treatment packages offered by Healthbase provide a savings measured in thousands of dollars.

At, patients can arrange treatment, travel, and accommodation without ever leaving home. Registered Healthbase members are guided as they make decisions for themselves using detailed hospital reviews, physician profiles and honest patient feedback. Patients can correspond with partner hospitals, review personalized estimates from different providers, and even upload and selectively share their digital medical records. The website also provides online educational materials and procedural information.

To make sure patients receive the best care possible, Healthbase works with hospitals that maintain best practice standards of care, such as JCI/JCAHO accreditation.

Healthbase makes treatment abroad accessible to more patients than ever before.
Looking for FREE cost estimate? Register here.

Healthbase customer - Lindsay

"Dear Sir/Madam, I wanted to highly commend your services! .... In the future I will always recommend Healthbase, because of my experiences with Healthbase. Cordially, Lindsay."
Looking for FREE cost estimate? Register here.

Healthbase customer - Shadi M

From the start customer care has been excellent. Very speedy, friendly, and very quick to address questions and provide information. I had created accounts with many overseas healthcare services, and Healthbase is - by far - the fastest, most professional of all. Staff was readily available, very friendly, and always provided speedy follow-up.Thank you very much!

Healthbase customer - Dan S

"We had our first visit yesterday and are very pleased at this point... Thank you for your service and all your efforts to make this successful." - Dan S

Healthbase customer - Ronald

"My overall experience with Healthbase was very positive. I'd rate the website and Dental office experience as Excellent. Thank You for the attention and Care you afforded me in getting me the service that I needed." Ronald, CO

Healthbase customer - Roger

"Healthbase services were excellent. They responded quickly, accurately and friendly. Thank you, Healthbase. The dentist office, receptionist and pre dental work experience was excellent... With the one year guarantee I feel confident that the bite situation will be resolved to my full satisfaction. Had it not been for the service of Healthbase and Dental office I would not be able to smile with confidence. Thank you all." Roger, NM

Healthbase Customer - Margaret

Just to say thank you a hundred times for your invaluable service.
Margaret, MA
More testimonial videos are available to our registered members. Click here to register.
Healthbase, an award-winning* medical tourism facilitator in USA, is the trusted source for global medical and dental choices, connecting patients to leading healthcare facilities worldwide. We arrange a variety of medical tourism services from basic consultations to full service treatment abroad. We help you to take care of all your medical tourism details from arranging the surgery and financing options to visas, travel, lodging and tourism.

Healthbase caters to the needs of individual consumers, self-funded businesses, insurance carriers, benefit consultants, insurance agents, and third party administrators seeking affordable medical travel and dental travel options. Our state-of-the-art, easy to use, information rich web-based system makes it easy to coordinate international medical care including necessary travel and accommodation for patients and their companions, all at one place.

The cost of surgical care at our ever growing network of affiliated institutions is typically a fraction of the cost of care in the U.S. with equal or superior outcomes. Healthbase arranges first class services for patients at major internationally accredited hospitals in Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, Belgium, Hungary, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, USA and is expanding to Canada, UK, Jordan,Taiwan, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, El Salvador and Guatemala.

We offer over two hundred medical, dental and cosmetic procedures in various categories: Orthopedic procedures such as hip replacement, Birmingham hip resurfacing, artificial knee replacement, rotator cuff repair, knee surgery; Cardiac and Vascular procedures like heart bypass (multiple coronary artery bypass graft or CABG), aortic aneurysm repair, heart valve repair, heat valve replacement, angioplasty, RF Ablation; Spinal procedures such as spine fusion, laminectomy, disc replacement; Weight-loss procedures like gastric bypass, lap band, gastric sleeve; Eye procedures like LASIK; Cosmetic and Plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, face lift, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), liposuction; Dental procedures such as orthognathic surgery, dental bridges, dental implants, dental crowns; dental veneers; and hundreds of other procedures in the departments of Urology, General surgery, Wellness and many more. The savings are up to 80% of typical US hospital prices.

Medical Tourism, also termed as Medical Travel, Health Travel, Health Tourism, Global Healthcare, Medical Vacation, Medical Value Travel, Medical Treatment Abroad, International Medical, Surgical Tourism, Surgery Abroad, Surgical Trip, Healthcare Abroad, Medical Outsourcing, offshore Medical and Overseas Medical, is the act of traveling abroad to receive medical, dental and cosmetic care. Significantly lower cost for best practice care is usually the primary motivation behind medical tourism although some medical tourists go abroad for immediate availability of procedures and to seek treatments that are not available in their home country. Patients frequently also take advantage of the opportunity to vacation and tour inexpensively in the foreign country while they are visiting for health care. Signup to know more about medical or dental tourism.

* - Awarded the "Best Website for Accessing International Medical Information for Patients/Consumers" by Consumer Health World 2007.

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Healthbase Hip Resurfacing Patient Kathie Video
Fox TV - Healthbase Customer Kathie Video

Colorado Public Radio

Healthbase Customers Joe and Barbara
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